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“Kafka on the shore” – Haruki Murakami

Kafka on the shore is a fictional story about intertwined life and obstacles that lie within oneself. The plot runs around two main characters: Kafka Tamura, a teenage boy who ran away from his house to escape a curse and also to look for his mother and sister who abandoned him. The second character is Mr. Nakata, who has the ability to talk to cats. They meet people on their way to somewhere, which changes the course of their life. Somehow, they find what they’re looking for. As if they take one round of the world. Every page withholds the mystery of the book; you don’t know what lies upon another page. Disgusting at times but beautiful like every other Murakami book. This book unlocks a path to a different world where fishes and leeches fall from the sky, living and dead become a big confusion. Every line you read, your heart agrees to all of it.

kafka on the shore

Personally, I liked the characters Nakata and Hoshima. Nakata’s cluelessness makes him sound cute. And Hoshima’s way of talking and conversations impressed me big time. The best part was that I could actually visualize the whole thing, which kind of scared me, and I couldn’t sleep. This book is humorous and beautiful and like every other book of Mr. Murakami, it’s worth a read!

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