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 Here I present you the summary of next three episodes of SinghaDurbar. Gradually this series has been coming towards the end. It had been a habit among lot of people to watch this. We now have got one episode remaining.

Episode 10

Tenth episode of Singha Durbar begins with the title of ‘Change’.  Episode begins with the release of Navin Gurung’s father, who was proven to be innocent.

Sharing Power

Power sharing turns out to be important lesson that this episode can gives. Three powerful candidates were the deserving ones for chairmanship. PM herself being one, rejected with the belief that she already has the responsibility of ‘PM’. It was then Yuvraj and Wagle remaining. Yuvraj being son of present Chairman was expected to be next chairman, however it turned out that Wagle got the highest number of votes. Yuvraj was already taking lead of finance ministry.

Democratic measures of election was highlighted.

Environmental Concern

This episode deals about organizing ‘International Conference on Environment’. Government makes a decision to organize short video competition about environmental issues, and grant prizes to the best ones. Videos starting popping down, once it gains support from the bloggers, and through the use of social media. Apart, support from China and India proved how diplomacy works when it is for good cause.

Ignoring the personal ego with the Government, blogger Navin Gurung participates and supports the cause.

Definition of Justice

Justice would be for all. This episode brings a controversy upon ‘power’ or ‘justice’ as well. As, Jha has been explained to be making good decision making back then for the betterment of the country, he however had kept an innocent imprisoned for a long time. However, this had led trouble within everyone in the party, regarding what’s the next move. Justice probably will be defined, as the episode ends when everyone is at court.

Clear example of love and respect towards father has been presented from Navin’s view point as well as Yuvraj’s view point as well.

Episode 11

Eleventh episode starts up with the theme of ‘treatment’.  This episode also deals with human behavior, and focuses basically on developing a budget.

Disability and Gender Issues

This issue highlights necessity of disable friendly places at any place, showing the concern of school. Also, the issues of LGBTI has been brought up. This had been hidden in earlier episodes, but here it comes out that PM Press Advisor and Dinesh, journalists turns out to be gay. They are living with fear and hiding their love from society, because society cannot accept them.

However, it has been shown that PM recruited him, despite knowing this fact.

Revised Teaching Style

This part has been focused in real low level, but I was highly impressed seeing it. Not following the traditional threatening technique in children, method has been adopted through which self realization popped out. Only if school teacher feel this, they can bring change. Today’s children are not going to work because they fear from their teacher.

Taxation and Budget Concerns

This has been the primary concern of the episode. Difficulty in allocating budget equally to different segments has been shown in this episode. Limitation in fund supply, and increasing demand in various sectors has been portrayed. PM however comes with the idea of encouraging those who had been escaping tax, to make timely tax payments, so that budget would gain space.

This episode finally ends after Sumnima meets Navin’s father, and with the celebration of PM’s son, Aditya’s Birthday, where he asks for forgiveness for bullying.

Episode 12

Twelfth episode starts up with the concept of ‘Transformation’.  This episode basically deals with following aspects.

Dream of Sports

This episode again deals with dream of organizing ‘World Cup’ in Nepal. Seeing the progressive moves of Nepali Cricket, the dedication that has to be shown towards sporting activities by the Government has been highlighted over here.

Unknown life status

Including PM’s father, there were lot of lives, whose situation, alive or death is unknown to them. No any official statement has been granted. The documentary on this issue was able to gain some media attention as well. There was special court, which would take care upon these issues as well.

This episode highlights the facts that PM’s mother never revealed earlier.

Early Pregnancy

The trend of how girls elope in rural lives with the dream of better future has been shown when an orphan gets pregnant, and the guy responsible for it is out of the world. How difficult it would be for her to make her living, and the uncertainty of the future of child as well as the mother is shown as well.


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