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Us, we’re just as these messy bed sheets; we wage war and call it love. We stir a bunch into a bowl and wonder why things tend to get so damn complicated.

Each of us has a way of looking at this world, a picture of how things should be; for me, love is expansive, love is free, unbound to a place, person or entity. We built up civilization, societies, culture, structures in order to navigate around this chaos; with marriage, romanticism, and the way we date; love has boundaries now, opposed to what love truly is, that is, boundless. It tells us who we are supposed to love and who we’re not. With increasing divorce rates, stability, needs, security, we can argue both ways all we want, but at the end of the day, the question that comes down to each one of us individually is, ‘how is it working out for YOU?’

Sure as hell the system gives us a sense of security just as a retirement plan, but, my darling, it binds us too; it binds us and the energy that flows. Me, I’m okay with mess, I’m okay with chaos.

We’ve created psychological constructs and believed that if love exists in one place, it shouldn’t exist in some other place with someone else; this my darling, creates guilt for the feelings that flows naturally through us or resentment towards what we’re attached to, for not letting us feel the emotions to a full. I don’t want to resent you or feel guilty for what goes through me, guilty for the feelings I feel for someone else, just because I’m only ‘allowed’ to love you. Resent you as if you’re the cage I’m bound to, or guilt of the passionate energies that flows through.

It’s not that I’ll run away, it will be intense, it will be passionate when I’m with you, I’ll always be here, always talk to you, we’ll always do things together as people in love do, I’ll listen to you, understand you, probably better than anyone ever could; I mean, that’s one of the very few things I think I’m good at.

You and I, let’s keep this simple. Love is pure, love is freedom, love is ever expansive, always flowing out. Just as me, you are free. Thus, us, let’s try to get rid of this habit of complicating almost everything; especially love, with loneliness, fear, needs, expectations, disappointments, envy, possession, guilt, pride; how about love? How about just love?


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