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Bag of Dreams and Hopes: Last month, we celebrated the birthday of our founder in a very different way. We decided to do something very compassionate with the money which we would otherwise spend in restaurants and clubs.

According to a flash report (2012-2013), by the Ministry of Education Nepal, only 69.4 percent of the students enrolled in grade 1 make it to grade 8. More than 30 percent of the children drop out of school for several reasons such as poverty, low income, gender disparity, child marriage and child labor. Though there are few organizations working for providing school children with their school amenities, it is not enough to improve the situation of children in the country. The up roaring number of children dropping out school demands more financial support and awareness. Even a small help can bring an immense relief to the children and their family. With the consideration that even a small amount can add a brick to build the future of little children, we decided to donate school bags to children in an orphanage named “Srijansil Children Welfare” in Nepal.

Srijansil Children Welfare is an orphanage in Thapagaon, Nepal, looking after 15 children. They face the problem of appropriate housing for the children. They are in constant need of financial support for fulfillment of basic needs of the children. Our small effort has brought smile to the little face and relief to the financial burden of the organization.


As a team, “Rising Junkiri” speaks out for education, freedom and happiness. Our small contribution has brought a little sunshine in the life of few children. No wonder it was the best day and best feeling. We cheer to the cause of Rising Junkiri and wish to continue to make small differences in society in every possible way. It was indeed a best birthday celebration ever.

let us know how do you plan to celebrate your next birthday, anniversary or other special occasions?

If you wish to donate to the Srijansil children welfare, Please click here.
If you want to read about children dropping out of school in Nepal, Click here:

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