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In my Head

“Everybody has a secret world inside of them. All of the people of the world, I mean everybody. No matter how dull and boring they are on the outside, inside them they’ve all got unimaginable, magnificent, wonderful, stupid, amazing worlds. Not just one world. Hundreds of them. Thousands maybe.”

In my head, I can talk in several accents. In real life, of course, I can’t. I don’t even know what accent I have. I know I’ll sound fake if I try and use one of the accents that I know of. But in my head, I’m like those actors who have all the help to act like someone from an entirely different country. In my head sometimes, I can also talk in various languages. Have I thought about Parseltongue? Yes, but not often.

In my head, I have a great voice, and I can sing beautifully in front of a crowd. And when I sing, people get mesmerized and regard me with awe, which is not true in reality at all. I got a reality check fourteen years ago when I took part in a singing contest and realized microphones hate me, and I get stage fright too. Have you tried singing in your head? You’ll be surprised at how good you can sing and how exactly the same as the singer.

In my head, I have traveled to all exotic locations I have only seen on TV or only read about. I have been to sandy beaches; ridden camels in deserts, skinny dipped in the Pacific, held the Leaning tower of Pisa in my hands, traversed through the white alleys in Greece, summited Mt. Kilimanjaro. In my head, I don’t even belong to where I am right now.
In my head, I can dance really very well. I have danced okay in cultural programs before but I have seen some great pieces of dance-work on TV and I could use some of those breaking, locking and popping skills.

In my head, Harry Potter is real, Hogwarts exists, vampires can good and handsome (talking about the Salvatore brothers), some witches are not evil, angels live, dragons are friends of mankind, time-travelling is possible, true loves are real and are powerful, elves are kind and beautiful. What I’m saying clashes a lot of fantasy fictions, I know but can’t really help it.
In my head, things turn out exactly the way I plan. I map out conversations and I win all of the arguments. Real life is a far cry from what I direct in my head; things hardly happen the way I want them, I do not really know how the other person is going to react to me remarks.

In my head, I have a really good job that pays good and I enjoy it immensely. I get to go to places, meet people and do stuff that is very pleasurable. In real life, though, I am still searching for a means to find such a job. I have yet to find a proper course of studies that match my interest and which is going to find me a satisfying career.

In my head, I am many things that I just cannot lay out in writing. Things that I can only feel and not be eloquent about.

In reality, my life and the world is not exactly on par with what I have it in my head. I have not been to most of the world, and have yet to live most of my life; I have still many people to meet and scores of books to read. So many of the things I have prattled about above might just come true, at some point in my life. Some might not. But that is life. You do not get everything you wish for. It is for the best at times. Like a wise man once said in a movie, life doesn’t always turn out exactly how you planned it. Sometimes, just sometimes, it turns out better. You can either wait it out or fight for it. Giving up can also be a good decision sometimes. But no matter what happens, we cannot leave the sanctuary of the worlds in our heads.

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