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The born gamer

Sometimes I think I’m worthless; at other times, I think I’ve got so much to offer. I have a dream and it’s big.

Grand Theft Auto

Just when I thought I was useless, I walked into a cyber to print some documents, only to get me low because of the poor grades in my official document. But then there were these two kids playing GTA Vice City (my favourite childhood game) in an old computer with CRT monitors. This kid calls me and says. “Dai, seaways type gardinus na”. What the kid asked me to do was type SEAWAYS on the computer. I did, and a div popped up on the screen that said, “Cheat Activated”. I felt good for a moment. I was finally put to good use.

Well, that was not the end. These kids asked me if I could take them to a helipad and get a helicopter. It might be a computer game, but yes, I took them to a helipad and stole a Police Maverick (a green VCPD helicopter). I stayed in the cyber for some 5 mins till I printed my document. God only knows what else I could have taught those boys if I’d stayed a little longer. It got me thinking about a lot of things. First of all, I know I’m a good gamer. There may be a lot of other gamers out there who are better than me at the moment, but I know that I was born a gamer. Dude, I started from Wolfenstein and DOOM I was probably 5 years old.

The multiplayer games

I know I’m one of the best FIFA players I’ve seen (big round of applause for the self-compliment, Counter Strike as well) . I started with Warcraft III and now I’m playing DOTA so I know I can coach people to play games. Perhaps if I try hard, I can even be good at chess. One thing I’ve realised all these years after gaming is that it’s not just for kids and that you get better as you mature cause you can use your off screen understanding and tactics inside the game. For this reason, I do not like single player games which force you to tap buttons because there is nothing in it. There is everything to learn from strategy and co-op games. I don’t mind if the school curriculum puts gaming as one of its subjects, because besides being fun, it’s also meaningful and helps develop a chemistry and creating tactics.

DOTA has to be one of the most tactical games there is. Right now I’m playing DOTA with noobs but I know that there is so much the game offers. You analyse the scenarios, find your opponents weakness, find your strengths and act upon. Besides executing the plan, there is everything in it from free roaming to doing crazy stuff that can make headlines. Gaming is the real deal for brain development. Hours of playing computer games aren’t time wastage. I started playing DOTA some 3 years ago and after some gap, I’m back to playing it and I see I have improved, and it has nothing to do with watching tutorials on YouTube. You simply mature.

If you’re playing online, there’s going to be whiners that’ll call you a noob and what not. Even if you yourself are playing bad, there’s no need for you to be harassed by someone on the internet. Some people are just like that; get frustrated easily. What you need to know is that you can always learn how to play computer games and have fun. One of the best things to do is get online with a bunch of friends and play DOTA online all night. I’ve don’t that plenty of times you know, and it’s worth sacrificing your sleep.

Do something about technology

Here’s one more thing I learned, that what you see around you is not your world. I went to a college that demanded you code and program a working software in order for you to pass college which I did. Honestly, I was pathetic at it and whatever I did wasn’t unto scratch and I’m glad I actually passed. But what I see is not what’s all around. I can still teach a lot of people computer and I can always improve my computer skills. I know how to code, which many people still don’t know how to do and it is something essential for the net generation of people. I know I can teach a lot of people a lot of things. I can create a decent website for myself. Well, I know that change can come from me and that maybe I shouldn’t burn the bridges to the IT world. Those kids in the cyber could say the words and not type SEAWAYS. Typing that cheat code is programming. I’ve been programming since forever. Woohoo.

This world is wonderful and there’s a lot I can do. Guess the digital world needs me. Perhaps you can find me in one of those cyber cafes someday playing intense DOTA. If you know how to create a website, teach that to someone all right. Be cool. Coding is the 21st-century driving.


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