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Yes, I tried to understand but I couldn’t;

Why are women so flaky? One moment they say they like you. In the next moment, they pull away.

This bewilderment likely happens after asking a woman out and she gives a vague answer or a hesitant yes. She goes out with you for a couple of dates but one day, she stops taking your calls and disappears from your life entirely.

The privileged mind at this point, is frustrated. It starts to wonder if she’s sleeping with someone else. All sorts of vilification happens in your mind.

Reality: She wanted to say no but was afraid of social consequences. What if you are an important person? What if your social influence is so strong, other people will start vilifying her because she rejected you? The fact that she assumed that you are important, shows your privilege. The social pressure she feels, is her disadvantage. The fact that you think her problems are not a big deal, is your lack of understanding caused by your position of male privilege.

This is what I found on Quora;

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