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I stood there, where the cliff held still,

Where the waves kept splattering onto him,

And he just kept still,

No matter the pain,

No matter how downhearted it was,

He just kept still.


And I stare at the cliff and ponder upon myself,

How much love would one need?

To keep rooted to the spot?

After all he has to go through?


And that’s when I realized,

How lucky he was, to live amongst that serenity,

How lucky he was to experience that splendid aurora,

To experience the ornate tenebrosity of the sky,

And to feel the kiss of the tranquil sea breeze.


I had been seeing it wrong all this time,

Maybe he never cared about the splattering so much,

Maybe he was just lost in the surreal atmosphere,

Maybe he was so in love with the world,

To even care about what was going on in the world.



Featured Image:  DeviantArt 

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