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The Internet has become man’s best friend. In this technically developing world, humans with internet access that is, preferably rely highly on the internet. People usually assume that all the information on the internet is easily accessible. But, it’s not quite as simple as that. This is the basis from where the idea of net neutrality emerges.

Net neutrality is the principle that suggests individuals should be free to access all content and applications equally. The concept stands true regardless of the source, without the Internet Service Providers discriminating against specific online services or websites. ISPs are there to connect to the content we view through the internet. But the absence of net neutrality means the ISPs can influence what we see or access and how quickly we do it.

ISPs should provide all equal services without any bias, without any company controlling or influencing the service, in any sort. The idea, however, is not accepted by all the people in society, especially by the ones who are independent on the internet for business. And the ISP companies or other network operators, who provide us with the facilities on the basis of payment, also certainly don’t want to affect their earning source.

Net neutrality in other words

People who watch movies from free movie streaming websites are likely to face more buffering than the ones who watch it from YouTube. Such people support the idea of net neutrality. As no matter which site you are using, the speed is going to be the same. Not only from an individualistic perspective but also from an organizational perspective, the idea gives an equal platform for all companies. When all the companies are given equal base than there is a fair competition, to rise up in a fair manner, and to reach on the top level.

Woman working on laptop, net neutrality

Photo: Unsplash/ Avel Chuklanov

Basically, the overall concept supports our right to freedom of expression and treats all equality. It provides users with opportunities to view anything through any site. Else, the users may face a lot more restrictions on sites due to one’s age or location or legal matters.

People who understand the perspectives have come to contemplate that it is their right. They believe they should get to use every content available over the internet equally. And that’s where things go down. When people can view any content without any restriction it brings upon many problems. They might be knowingly or unknowingly viewing things that are inappropriate or illegal. Consequently, the situation might get worse.

So, if people are to be given freedom, there must also be some controlling set of rules to ensure smooth societal conduct. Net neutrality ensures free service and equal data. But, it doesn’t mean that you are under no observation of who is watching what. One should not forget that there is always someone watching over us, and what we are doing. So intelligent are those, who use their freedom without exploiting them.

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