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Yesterday while going through my Snapchat stories I saw a paparazzi picture of Gigi Hadid where she wasn’t being a model but herself. She was dressed in casual gym wear. She’s got a body to die for, everyone knows that, and besides how nice and tall she looked what caught my eye the most was how frizzy her hair looked. Done in a simple ponytail, her hair looked a far cry from perfect. Now, while this isn’t something of a big shocking revelation to me, it always surprises to see the confirmations of a discovery I have made over the years. That there are no ugly women, only lazy ones.

I used to envy girls with beautiful hair. I used to think how blessed they were to be able to toss their silky straight hair and get boys to swoon over them. I used to envy people with good bodies because, in all these years of being body conscious, I have never been able to get that perfect body. I used to envy people who could dress well because even though my wardrobe is overflowing, half of them stay unworn given my lack of imagination. I used to think I would never be able to get that flawless skin while there existed lucky women with natural skin that seemed to just glow.

beautiful women with messy hair

Then I learned how hard – or how easy, for that matter, if we’re talking lazy women *pointing an accusatory finger at me* – it was to maintain a “good-looking” hair, I learned that most people who I envy so much always put so much time and effort into achieving a beautiful facade of a hair. All these times I have been spending browsing through how-to YouTube videos, I concluded how it is just beyond me. But deep within me, I know that if I really wanted to, instead of whining how my genes didn’t bless me with wonderful hair, I could work for it and finally achieve the hair of my dreams. And I also know I will have to keep on working for it, day in day out; no excuses.

And same goes for the body. A lot of the people I know always say how lucky I am to have a body that doesn’t get fat despite eating as much as I do. Although being partly true, I cannot but help put in a word about how hard I work (15 minutes every single day in the morning) for it. Once, I was passing by a gym and a guy had just tried to hand me in a flyer for a gym membership. I remember thinking ‘why would he think I need a gym membership’. Now after seeing so many videos on how people actually have to work hard for the “effortless body” that they seem to have, I am seriously considering, if not the gym, but a stricter routine for the sake of my body. Although I do have a petite body, I have always been aware of how if I eat a lot sometimes, I need to be aware of how my stomach tends to pop out if I’m too careless. What adds to it is that I am not getting any younger.

Now, I am not advertising the body image that has gripped and choked the world today. You do you. If you love yourself for what you are, frizzy hair, soft tummy and all, all the better. What I am saying is that it isn’t unachievable anymore. Don’t lose your true self in the whole process of it (although I am of a belief that you are always changing and never away from who you truly are destined to be). Good luck for your journey if you are prepared to make it. And if nothing works, there’s always that filter you can rely on. Snapchats are the best; just make sure you don’t show your real self to your online audience. If you don’t give a flying duck, bless you.

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