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Once upon a time Teej known to be: A festival where women fast either for husband’s long life for those married or for a hope to find a well suited husband for those unmarried. Fortunately, today Teej has translated to much more than an event revolving around husband or prospective husband. In practice, it has become a social celebration of sisterhood amongst women.

Today’s day and age, women are financially independent. They are educated, smart and make choices to not only become wives and mothers but entrepreneur, educator and influencer. The idea of prayers for husband’s long life is getting fulfilled everyday when the wife is making essential and educated decision about food and health and many more choices.  Furthermore, women have expanded their traditional role of house-maker to career goal seeker. Today, they are not only a dreamer but achiever and know exactly what they seek for in a life-partner. The mystery of the knowing what “Mr Right” means has been solved.

Thus, Teej, I believe is coming together as a fellow sister and celebrating through expression of food, dance, clothing, accessories, hair and makeup.  Association of Nepalis in Minnesota (ANMN) put together a “Teej Celebration” ; my translation: Celebrate Sisterhood.  The day had a vibe in the air of joy and happiness to come together dance, “catch-up” and celebrate.  I was really happy to see a young female DJ Shabana Naik. Young girls were flaunting Henna from Vipassana. A talented Nepali photographer Prapti Shrestha to capture this moment. I had set up for a short demo of a daily makeup look.  A lot of great food and décor put together by fellow sister participants and volunteer.

I hope everyone is celebrating Sisterhood.

Photos : Prapti Shrestha