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Nepal has seen many things lately. It has seen its people from all walks of life, united, under a single tent. It has seen the same people fight each other till death just a few months later. It has seen brave men saving their brothers and it has seen the same brothers burn these brave men alive. It has seen its people stay silent while the others constantly suppressed them. It has seen its men fill with pride when one of them makes even a fraction of change in the world. It has seen its men, cheering, crying, fighting for what is rightfully theirs. It has seen its men dying, just to make this place a better one.
Yes. Our country has seen it all. The best. The worst.
What is so new about this year anyway? Is it the fact that this time, some part of the Nepalese population will be welcoming 2073 from under the tents? Maybe it is.
The calendar keeps changing numbers, and yet we stay the same.
This year will be as same as any other. The poor will get poorer and the rich couldn’t care any less. Our resolutions won’t last for long, we will always, always be fussing about our political situation, the disasters we have to face, suppression by foreign countries, and so on.
We always party, make merry, to welcome the same cycle, like we almost take pride in being hypocrites.
But nothing will change, unless we change ourselves.
And we all know, that if you really want to make a change, you don’t really need a new year.
Come on now, Nepal is waiting.

Image Source : Pinterest (Rays Photography)

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