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During high school, my dressing style was peculiar. Tee-shirts were my favorite. I usually wore the ones that nearly came to my knees and a baggy pant to aid that. I felt comfortable. It was loose and did not anyway choke my movement.

I was a freak. I had a brain that was used but to its minimum capacity. All I wanted was to spend my time at a basketball court and have never ending fun. I was so into music, especially into hip-hop culture and actually, I wanted to be one of them.

But no matter how haudey (ignorant) I was, during my time in a tee, when I was around 19 or 20, I thought 25 to be the age that I would accomplish something of meaning. I had heard that until the age of 25, the height of a male continues to grow and hoped that I would reach six feet. I had hoped that by 25, I would have made some contribution to the music industry. I could not, except by listening. I thought I would be so matured that by 27 I would agreeably, without any hesitation, marry. The twent-tee version of me visualized a much stabilized 25 of me, a great personality, famous and financially independent.

Everything doesn’t go as imagined or thought of. I did not reach 6 feet, and though still passionate about music, I am not as into hip-hop music.

I had no any intention of becoming the person that I am today – a person who prefers a shirt over a tee. I have a decent job, for now, offers a lot to travel, but that’s not what I have imagined for rest of my life. I realized working a nine to five, I will never be financially independent and until I become so, marriage is a far-event for me.

What football taught me about loyalty

Life cannot be figured and I guess that’s the beauty of it. They say death is the only certain thing but when, is again uncertain. Five years ago, the tee version of me had never thought of the person that I’ve become. Earthquake and then a new home; Heartbreak and then ;), a job in rural road sector for a guy who specialized in hydropower, reaching places like Mugu and Humla who had hardly gone out of Kathmandu valley; all were surprises and these have let me witness that life is indeed a roller coaster.

As I was saying, now, I wear shirts. I have changed drastically, physically and mentally. I have a mustache and a beard. I have grown bigger and stronger (thanks to the gym). Compared to before, my mind has toughened. It has been enriched with great experiences and learning. It has now new dreams and hopes but still is crazy like the tee version. I know that these dreams, just like the previous ones, might not turn into reality but I will chase them. And on the way, I might choose another path; another path doesn’t necessarily have to be any less rewarding. Though I am nowhere close to the tee-version dream of mine, deep down I am happy with what I have and become.

I am sure to this date, you too have confronted many adversities and lived through beautiful moments. And realized that each one counts. Every life (phase) has a story to tell. I’ll see what the next 5 years will bring for me and then, maybe after reaching 30 I will write, From Shirt to a Coat. LOL.

P.S: I still wear a tee, but not the baggy ones.


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