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Seems like only yesterday, when I first entered the gate of St. Xavier’s school as a young, stupid, and silly kid trying to understand the basic order of alphabetical order. Seems like only yesterday when we fought for our friendship and did whatever our friends did. Seems like only yesterday when I used to share my tiffin with my friends and land up together in the counselor room together. But now as I reflect it is almost 12 years. I had entered as a child like the rest, innocent, eager, curious, and with a mind to be filled and I now leave with my mind full of all that has been taught over the years. How fast the night changes!!! In these 12 years of my life, I have made friends who are unique in all respect and can never be replaced. 12 years in St. Xavier’s has taught me things that no one can imagine and for this, I am forever grateful to this place.

Slowly we got adapted to this new environment and we made new friends, got along with the school rules, played till the last ball, and explored the huge backfield. This school has played a very vital role in helping shape six/seven years old children, who knew so little back then into young, creative, and innovative minds. The junior years are a little blur to me. I’ve made plenty of errors and blunders. I’ve had a lot of mistakes. During my school days, I can remember how naive I was. I exactly don’t remember what we did there, but it was a stage to grow friendship, to be a bit mature, a bit carefree, a bit stupid and a bit silly and make our uniform dirty. Slowly we became more mature and we entered senior school. I still remembered that day when each one of us had that pride in our eyes to go to class six. SENIORS YEARS!!!! .

The new freshly ironed blue shirt, and how could we forget the long blue tie that was a signature of being an adult and of course writing with a blue ink pen. In the same senior year, the majority of boys and girls were stepping in early adolescent periods and therefore were pondering in front of the mirror for a quite long time. Some even sent love letters. The same year it was said that we were crazy, making stupid excuses, and made bad decisions when we were hurt but we still knew what a heart was.

Being  wonderful human beings, we learn something or the other from each other. From inhabiting habits of using slangs from your friends like “bro, sis, k cha sathi, mero story sunchau? We found friends to hold on to for a long way. During break time laughing till our stomach hurts and crying with our friends, bunking classes, gossiping during break time and just talking about the random stuff, singing in computer lab, field trip visit, boys are rapping and arm wrestling, aiming chalk at each other, sports week, group project, hiding tiffin boxes, hiding bags, doing hw in break times, borrowing pens from friends and never returning it, Having fun and learning from seniors in the bus, etc. was a wholesome experience (Thankful for whom I got to meet and share my story with them in this school/College). Some found love here while some broke their hearts here, some friendships grew stronger and some lost friends over time.

The memories I made here (12 years) are just priceless for me. SXJ will be a memorable cause of a few significant events, which have been engraved in our hearts so deeply that we just can’t resist forgetting them. As Charles Dickens once said, “ it was the best of time, it was the worst of time.” For me, this was my experience at this school. It was in school that we made friends for life, hoped for places in the sports team, and learned lessons about life. I would like to thank teachers, staff and the members of the school. We appreciate their effort in guiding us towards a bright and productive future. They didn’t only prepare us for examination but holistic growth! That’s what makes St.Xavier’s one of its kind. St Xavier’s contribution, beyond education, has taught us the value of being people for others. THANKFUL FOR EVERYTHING!!!

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the administration and the school management committee. St. Xavier’s and its memories are rooted so deep in our hearts that it has truly become a part of our lives. The laughter, the joy, the togetherness, and the bitter-sweet memories, will always remain fresh in my mind. I hope that we will always stand by the precious title of ” XAVERIANS ”, which makes us stand out in a crowd. LIVE FOR GOD, LEAD FOR NEPAL!


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