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Online shopping is gaining popularity in Nepal for a few years. The wide range of consumers, comparatively cheaper internet and a wide range of options have made e-commerce a promising business. Within a few years, a list of online shopping sites in Nepal who sell either their niche products or serve as an online supermarket has increased dramatically. Taking the diverse nature of the online shop in Nepal, this article aims to categorize them based on the products they sell.

The popular online stores in Nepal sell almost all products. Influenced by B2C (Business to Customer) business model, most of them serve as a mediator between vendors and buyers.  Some of these stores are:

a.    Daraz

b.    Muncha

c.    Sastodeal

d.    esewapasal

e.    Nepbay

f.    Socheko

Besides these online stores, there are other stores who specialize in a particular product.  I’ll discuss them in the following categories.

List of Online shopping sites in Nepal according to different categories.

A.    Electronics:

Though above-mentioned stores provide electronic gadgets and accessories, there are dedicated stores, which sell only electronics. They are:

1.    Electromandu:


list of online shopping sites in Nepal

Electromandu Website

Appearing in the market in early 2017, Electromandu goes with the slogan “Take Back Your Purchasing Power”. They claim to be the ultimate destination for buying electronic appliances, LEDs, Refrigerators, Washing machine, Vacuum cleaners, and so forth. They do provide a free home delivery, which can be regarded as their strong point, but their fewer social media engagement casts a doubt in their customer satisfaction.

2.    Neostore:

Established in 2012 as Neoteric Pvt. Ltd, Neostore is arguably one of the leading electronics stores in Nepal. Today Neo Stores are located in Jawalakhel, Lazimpat, New Road and Maitighar and also, they provide the online shopping service, They sell over 30 different international brands, including Dell, HP, Gigabyte, Logitech, Belkin, and Nokia.

list of online shopping sites in Nepal

Neoteric Website

 A customer can choose different payment options while buying an electronics from Neostore. They offer “Cash On Delivery”, “Store Pickup” or through online payment gateway like “esewa, ipay, VISA, MasterCard, and SCT card”.

Neostore is popular in social media like Facebook with 4.3 ratings. Some reviewers have lambasted them using words like “irresponsible, overpriced, no-cooperative” while positive praises include “authentic stores” and “Prompt delivery”.

3.    Olizstore:

Started since 2007, Oliz Store has been able to stand out in the market as a store for Apple products and branded accessories. Today they offer genuine electronics ranging from Apple products, Branded Apple accessories (covers, cables for iPhone, iPad, MacBook), docking speakers, Headphones, Amplifiers, Media players, Home theatre Speakers, Projectors.

list of online shopping sites in Nepal

Oliz Store Website

Based on the reviews of 222 people on its Facebook page, Oliz store has 3.9 ratings. Some customers have praised it for its swift home delivery of the new arrivals and their fast-responsive rate while the unsatisfied buyers have complained about overpricing in gadgets.

In general, if you want a sophisticated gadget in Kathmandu, remember the name. Not to forget, they accept all forms of online payment.

B.    Groceries:

Online groceries is a new trend and experiment in Nepal. This store targets the working middle-class millennials and expats living in Nepal. Since a couple of years, few such stores have appeared in the e-commerce arena. Here is a couple of them.

1.    Merokirana:

Merokirana went live in 2017 with an aim to provide all the necessary household groceries, baby products and more. They sell household fundamentals like rice, and daal to dietary products, frozen meat products, and imported food items. in a wide range. You can order boneless chicken to Patanjali products.

list of online shopping sites in Nepal

Mero Kirana Website

On a positive note, you can return the products without any justification and they even compare the price of the products if you think they are expensive.

They have a relatively high ranking with 4.4 points from 92 reviewers. Furthermore, their Facebook page seems very responsive and active. So, if you want to save your time from visiting the local mart and bargaining, it is the best place for you as they even offer loyalty points for regular buyers. As per payment goes, they accept cash as well as a card on the delivery of products.

2.    Metrotarkari: 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that “Metrotarkari “ is the pioneer of online grocery in Nepal. Founded in early 2013, they go with the tagline “Nepal’s first and trusted online grocer.” Their primary products are fresh vegetables, meat products, dairy, sprouts, and mouth-watering organic products. Besides they sell every imaginable household product you need.

list of online shopping sites in Nepal

Mero Tarkari Website

They offer free home delivery within Kathmandu valley and accept “cash on delivery” and “esewa” as a mode of payment. With pretty bigger social media audience, they have garnered 4.2 ratings on Facebook. While there are angry voices complaining about the high prices of products, there are praises for their delivery of quality and fresh vegetables at the doorstep in no time.

C.    Apparels:

Though the online stores like Daraz, Sastodeal, and others are forefront in selling apparels through their sites, there are some dedicated online stores just for apparels. Many of them use Facebook and Instagram as a platform to sell the apparels while very few of them have their own websites. Here is one of such active online shop for apparels. 

1.    Clothesnepal:

Clothes Nepal is an exclusive online shop for women. They sell a casual dress, bra, jackets, lingerie, swimsuit, shoes, and accessories to women. Their collection comprises the latest trend in Nepal and worldwide.

list of online shopping sites in Nepal

Clothes Nepal Website

If you are into latest Korean dress and fashion, this is the right place for you as they feature every sort of Korean apparels. When it comes to delivery, they offer whole country delivery and money back for defective items. Even though they have a strong following on Facebook, they do not have a customer review.

A Glimpse of WWI

D.    Cosmetics:

Cosmetic business is getting advanced every year; so is the craze to use them among the women in the world. One can find a few hundred worth cosmetics from a local beauty shop to tens of thousands from a branded shop. This trend has been observed in online shopping too. Here is a couple of the popular online cosmetics store on the internet.

1.    Misumicosmetics:

In the hustle bustle of a city, Misumi Cosmetics stands out as a complete destination for health, beauty, cosmetics, and personal care. Established in 2013 in Nepal, they provide every possible product to make you confident and bold. In general, they offer products and tips for hair care, face care, cosmetics, perfumes, makeup kits and so forth. Just visit their website and get jaw dropped by the range of products in full price spectrum.

list of online shopping sites in Nepal

Misumi Website

When it comes to delivery, they offer free delivery for the purchase more than Rs.4000 but charges shipping fees depending on locations below that threshold purchase. With a strong and enthusiastic fan following in social media, they have 4.5 ratings on Facebook from more than 60 people.

2.    Dasomcosmetics: 

With a tagline “Best Korean Cosmetics In Nepal”, Dasom Cosmetics specializes in selling the trending Korean cosmetics in Nepali Market. Like Misumi Cosmetics, they offer a wide range of products to keep your skin and hair in decent condition. You can choose products of your choice from different brands depending upon your budget.

The good points about Dasom are their low delivery charge than Misumi and comparatively higher ratings on Facebook (4.7). They even accept cash on Delivery and check payments.

list of online shopping sites in Nepal

Dasom Website

E.    Gifts:

There are few websites like “Giftmandu” which started sending gifts to the loved ones in Nepal after the order from their dear ones abroad. Today there are many Instagram and Facebook-based gift stores while few of them operate through their websites.  Here is detailed information about Giftmandu.

1.    Giftmandu:

With offices in New York and a dispatch office in Lalitpur, Giftmandu has been a great way to send gifts to your loved ones on any occasion ( and we have many occasions in Nepal). Living in abroad or in Nepal, you can surprise your dear ones with the gifts from Giftmandu as they have a wide range of gifts as per your choice.

They offer delivery across major cities in Nepal and accept all the major modes of payments like esewa, khalti, and cards like VISA, master card and so forth.

Besides their same-day delivery, they provide support via Viber and Whatsapp in countries like the US and Canada.

list of online shopping sites in Nepal

GiftMandu Website

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F.    Sports:

Though there are many brick and mortar stores for sports in Kathmandu, Facebook and Instagram have been an amazing platform for emerging entrepreneur. But there’s one name one doesn’t forget when it comes to sports in Kathmandu – Bhadrakali Sports.

1.    BhadrakaliSports: 

As one of the popular names in sports business, BK sports provide a wide range of sports items of your choice. Though they are popular from their physical store, they have recently gone online with an aim to get a bigger crowd.

You can purchase everything you need from them but their slow-responsive website and social media mean they are poor in online business.

list of online shopping sites in Nepal

BKS Website

G.    Bicycles and Auto:

Though the sale of auto parts and vehicle is not yet popular in Nepal, there are some online stores who offer a platform to the shoppers and buyers. Also, there are very few stores which make online transactions. Some of them are listed below.

1.    Dealgara: 

Dealgara isn’t actually an online store but an online Vehicle research portal where two parties can make a deal over a vehicle and make a necessary transaction.

On DealGara you can:

    Research new vehicle prices and specifications.

    Easily design rich ads with pictures.

    Control your selling, buying, and community activity in My DealGara

    Display your ads on your social networking profile

list of online shopping sites in Nepal

DealGara Website

2.    EpicMountainBike:

If you’re an avid cyclist or want to hot the dirt once in a while Epic Mountain Bike is the place for you. You can get branded bikes and even get them repaired. Also, it’s an ideal place to rent a bike for a day which will cost you around Rs. 1500.

With a decent number of following in social media with 4.8 ratings on Facebook. And for your convenience, they accept all kinds of popular payment.

Also, read the Scopes & Challenges of e-commerce in Nepal.

list of online shopping sites in Nepal

Epic Mountain Website

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