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Again, thanking everyone for loving my previous post, here I present next three episodes summary of Singha Durbar. Few episodes of Singha Durbar, seems to be getting really famous, like Episode 7, where library gets burnt, or the 9th where Birgunj Incident is taken.

Episode 7

This very much promoted and loved episode, starts with the question of ‘Maturity’ and ends with definition of ‘Maturity’ itself. In this episode, the library gets burnt, and PM’s secretary and also student leader Sumnima gets the blame. She remains in trouble after PM advises her to either chose her political leadership or the job.

Power of Youths

Here the power of youths has been presented in both positive as well as negative aspect. Student’s politics in campuses has been shown, and also how strategically the issue has been solved is presented. Apart, it shows the power of youths under two categories.

  • Positive Power: Idea of Crowd Sourcing for re building of the library is presented.
  • Negative Power: Burning down of library by students for political greed has been presented.

PM Direct Talks with Public

Direct contact with the public by the state head is shown in a beautiful manner, where the public can directly raise the issues and ask the queries to their Prime Minister. This system was practiced by former Prime Minister Babu Ram Bhattarai as well. This connection assures one way for the state to understand real issues of public, and grants opportunity for public to know their Government as well.

Human Trafficking

Press Adviser, who had been brought up in orphanage, a female member from the same orphanage goes missing. Despite his important duty in the PM Office, he asks permission to go back there, and find out the reality. The police turns able to bring back the female child rescuing her from the border, however, the one who was involved in trafficking was not yet caught.

Episode 8

Episode 8 starts with the theme of Earthquake. So, any audience will stay prepared, at any time, if the earthquake can pop out. Audience will be waiting for the quake, at one place or the other. This episode connects with blogger’s dad’s story, which shows how he was imprisoned during mysterious Birgunj Incident.


If the central body cannot operate to its fullest and make the best use, and therefore during crisis, it is important to go for decentralization. Since the central state body was failing to manage the earthquake relief activities, the plans of decentralization were talked of.


Next important aspect, dealt during this episode is about ‘Corruption’ that took place in the process of manufacturing of bridge. The bridge that was shown from very beginning, was collapsed, and was later found that there were some biased practices of cement mixtures. However, idea of electronic bidding was introduced. Importance of Monitoring and Evaluation was also dealt here.

Prioritizing urgency

Although the meeting with International delegate was important, it was equally important for Prime Minister to visit the earthquake affected regions. Only after she went there on her own, she came to pictures the real scenarios happening thereby. Although, something emotional aspect of PM’s health and helicopter were presented, it showed how to behave and act during tough times. How to manage time and how to compromise family time for the sake of responsibility.

Episode 9

Episode 9 starts with the query about ‘Duty’, and this episode connects the earlier linked mystery. Here, the mystery deals with the Birgunj Incident, and shows the duty of the an individual. PM’s husband wants the reporter to ask about his responsibility, not something personal, highlighting importance of ‘individual life’.

No Political Interference

Since, the Government was not involved in political interference, the Rajpal Kumar gets caught. Admiring the Human Rights principles, the bullet was shot only at the leg at initial phase. The head of police explains reason that present Government did not endorse or enforce upon any action, allowing them to work freely. Decision to promote gender biasness is also dealt, showing if there are enough rooms for working, they can.

Birgunj Incident

The factual story of Birgunj story comes out. Since this story was related to blogger Navin Gurung, he seems more concerned more than anyone else. Meeting Rajpal, he refuses to speak anything about Birgunj Incident. However, his blog post creates reason for Ramananda Jha to reveal the fact.

Inorder to smoothen the peace process, the then Home Minister Ramananda Jha decides to hide the reality of Birgunj incident, where the school incident and teacher (Navin’s father) had no role, rather were killed and punished. That was necessity of the time as indicated.

However by the end, Jha comes to meet Navin’s father and makes an apology.


Media Accountability: At some point, it talks about how media should be accountable, and not publish anything based on biased opinion. Media should be based upon truth and reality, and with factual background support.

Special Obligations: Although the study was conducted about Birgunj’s happening, it was never made public, in order to let peace process continue.

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