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As if a mad slaughterhouse, as if the goddesses & god demand  a sacrifice, as if one’s life would somehow be better sacrificing someone else’s for theirs; no I’m not a vegan, nor even a vegetarian, I just beg for logic in a world that doesn’t make sense, a guy who asks and answers when he can, some of the whys.

So, what does sacrifice mean, and where did it start from? Sacrifice basically means giving up something valued for other considerations. In the tribal age, even now in villages, the tradition has been to slaughter our prized animal in honor of our guests, to make them feel valued to have given up something we had as a tribute. AND we come from a long line of war and warriors divided into territories and 30 minutes walking distance nations. Once upon a time, in ages of war, it was deemed important for a warrior to not cower in a bloodbath, but to thrive in it, thus, slaughters helped to get over that fear. But, ages of war are over, hopefully; thus, bravery is not dictated by the ability to slaughter anymore.

Now, we just recklessly “slaughter” in the name of sacrifice, we don’t prize what we have for what we want, we just want it all and want it now. The animal aimed with a butcher knife might as well have been some other animal, replaced; we have little or no value for what we sacrifice. The money was sacrificed for animal and the animal was sacrificed in hopes; sorry, not a big fan of hope. We slaughter the animal for the taste of it, cause we once in a while we believe we deserve a treat; a sacrifice isn’t a sacrifice if the sacrifice is not something of value and done upon selfishness of an instant treat.

Now, I’m not denying the power of belief, such that we humans need a belief system to cling to, I do, everyone does to sail on in this vast chaos in order to not fall into nihilism, and the likelihood of its madness. Not us all can bear the burden of taking the red pill, of waking up from our existence; we NEED to believe in something and, it tends to protect us from the psychological as well as the literal unknown; as long as we don’t let our biases run its course to blind us from the truth we discover.

Yes, the gods demand a sacrifice. When it was said that they demanded sacrifice, what it really meant was, they demanded us to give up on our act of busying yourself on trivial matters, they demanded us to give up our short-sightedness, to give up on short-term pleasures for investment in the future, to give up on our lower self for a higher purpose, to sacrifice our present time as an investment for the future. But, somewhere along the lines, it all got misinterpreted, mistranslated.

Kill, don’t kill, eat, don’t eat, feed it to the cat or never put it on an altar of slaughter, do whatever, just know what it means and don’t accuse the gods of our selfishness or demand a hefty demand for giving up something we don’t value as much. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in business, everyone values a fair trade. Thus, upgrade your mind, trade your time, in building you, so that the future you benefits.


And Happy Bijaya Dashami. ?


Note: Could have easily put graphic images of slaughter and blood to invoke guilt, but, I’m not PETA and, well, fear and guilt are not lasting solution to anything. *don’t even know why I’m roasting PETA* Peace again.

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