• हाम्री छोरी ठुली भई हलक्क बढेको, अनि रैछन् केटा बि.ए. पढेको भन्दै हात मुसार्दै बा आमालाई फकाउनेहरुको ताम बढेका बेला एकलाई त बा ले भनेछन्, “कुचोले गर्ने काम हावाले गरेका बेला हामी राजि छौँ ।”म जब घर पुगेँ, पाहु […]

  • International students from Nepal who are in the USA in F-1 visas are now facing deportation threat as a problem on top of the ongoing pandemic. With the rise of the coronavirus pandemic, international students […]

  • काठमाडौं, असार १८

    डिजिटल पेमेन्टलाई प्रोत्साहन गर्ने उद्देश्यले खल्ती डिजिटल वालेटले मोवाइल एप र खल्ती डटकम (khalti.com) वेवपेजमार्फत कारोबार गर्ने ग्राहकहरूका लागि ‘खल्तीको दुई गुणा अफर’ नामको प्रबर्धनात्मक […]

  • IT a short form for information technology, is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. And it is one of the brightest career choices for future generations. And if you want to try your hand in this […]

  • Editor's Desk wrote a new post, ALONE 10 months ago

    look the moon is alone but it can shine in the darkest nights

    now all your shine has gone because you are afraid of walking alone

    when you have chance to get that but you are lost to face that

    when you dont […]

  • Foods are liked by everyone. Its taste, size, combination varies from culture to tradition and person to their requirement. Mostly, Nepali food is simple, normal, healthy as well as delicious. Various ethnic […]

  • We will be publishing the daily summary updates report as provided by MOHP Nepal. we will also try to include as many updates as possible from April 2020. The Current report will start on May 1, 2020. All others […]

  • Nepal is a small country with a big belief in religion. Our country is mainly known for being a Hindu country and the importance of Pashupatinath Temple is significant for Hindus, located in the east part of […]

  • CEO & President of Jetblue Airlines issued the following statement over the CoronaVirus as the airline’s industry took a big hit in the USA due to the rapidly spreading virus. JBLU was trading under around $7.50, […]


    With national emergency declaration and travel ban from Europe due to coronavirus,  a certain wave of panicked hit the grocery stores in different stores around the states. People started shopping and p […]

  • के तिमीले कहिल्यै त्यो छटपटी सहेको छौ,
    जुनबेला तिमी ठम्याउन सक्दैनौ
    जे मनले भन्छ त्यो गरू कि जे दिमागले भन्छ त्यो गरू
    उफ त्यो छटपटी-
    मनले यता तान्छ, दिमागले उता
    कहिले मनमा भुइचालो आउछ, कहिले दिमाग […]

  • यो वयोवृद्ध कायाका,


    अधुरा आशहरुको राश

    यसरी तेर्साउँछन्,

    मानौँ लमतन्न एक लास।

    तर खेद ,

    अधुरा ,अधुरै रहन्छन् ।

    अपुरा ,अपुरै रहन्छन् ।

    स्वयम मा रहेका

    कैयौं ,

    अनकन्टारका […]

  • Every Nepali student, growing up, will be familiar with the epic literature of Laxmi Prasad Devkota-Muna Madan. The book is great but here I would like to highlight this particular conversation between Madan, the […]

  • Christmas, also known as X-mas, is an annual festival of Christians celebrating in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ. The first noted Christmas celebrations date back to 273 AD. Billions of Christians and […]

  • जीवन त एकै छ एकै हो
    पल हजारौ बनाउन सकिन्छन
    कोहि हिँडिरहन्छन हिम्मतका पाइला चालेर
    कोहि एक कदममै रोकिन्छन् ।

    यो पृथ्वी घुम्नुमा सबको भुमिका छ
    यो हावामा सबको भाग छ
    बेकाम कुरा त भगवानले शृजना गर […]

  • बढ्न खोज्दै छु म अघि
    तर बाँधिएको छु म,
    आफ्नै पर्छाइ मा
    हराई रहेको छु म आफ्नै अतित मा

    डुब्दै छु म कुनी क सोच मा
    निस्किन सकेको छैन म आफ्नै मन को पिंजडा मा

    सपनाहरु सधै हुन्छन मेरा अधुरा
    चाहान्नहरु नि कह […]

  • Laundry is the term used for clothes that are newly washed or need to be washed. Laundry is a huge part of most of our lives as clothes are associated with them. Many people in Nepal do their laundry at home. […]

  • रुखको पात हल्लिदा म बतास चलेको बुझ्छु
    स्वतन्त्र टाउका घोप्टिदा कुरा खास चलेको बुझ्छु
    यस आधुनिकताले व्यर्थै विस्थाग भावुकतामा रम्दै
    सर्ट माथिको टाई उड्दा म श्वास चलेको बुझ्छु

    टलपल भरिएको आँखा लुकाउन चर्क […]

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