• Every autumn, most of the college students of Nepal plans for the trek of their life. Tilicho Lake trek is strenuous, adventurous, mesmerizing and breathtaking. Legs know no fatigue, a body doesn’t mind the loss […]

  • जिउँदो शव

    तिता यादहरुको झुपडी बनेको यो जीवनमा

    निकै कठिन हुँदो रहेछ खुशीको महल ठडाउन

    अझ कठिन रहेछ यादहरुबाट भागन

    यादहरु जस्ले आँसु झर्न बहेक केही गर्न सक्दैन ।


    आफ्नै परीचय खोज्दै हिंडेको एक या […]

  • The love for mother is eternal. We cannot imagine the world without the love from and to their mother. There are many ways to express your love to others. Writers often use the power of their words to share the […]

  • आस्तित्व

    शायद यी दु:खका पहाडहरु कहिलै खतम हुँदैन रहेनछन

    जति चढे तेतिधेरै बढछन

    अब म सक्दिन यि बाटोमा आएका खोचँहरुसँग लढ्न

    जो सधैं मेरो आस्तित्वमा दाग लगाउन खोज्छन अनि

    जो सधैं मेरो मेहे […]

  • आज हरेक कुरा
    मेरो टाउको माथीबाट
    गुज्रीराखेका छन
    किन भनौ?
    आज मैले एक प्याला
    आफैलाई पिलाए
    छिन मै
    दिमाग सुन्न
    भुईमा खुट्टा
    हल्का डगमगाए
    म आफै
    I’m not a bird
    but I can fly
    I’m […]

  • When is the last time you planned your wedding and the honeymoon? Was it Bali or somewhere in Bangkok? Well, forget all about that because I am going to take you to the best places within Nepal which are worthy […]

  • In May 2018, recently elected government of Nepal approved the new international airport in Nepal; highly publicized Nijgadh International airport.  The Environment Impact Assessment report reviving the plan of […]

  • Everyone loves to have full of money in their hand without doing work. It sounds like something impossible but you can actually earn money while sleeping. Passive income online is something which is beneficiary […]

  • झरी
    आज तिमी
    परी गयौ
    आकाशै खुकुलो
    हुने गरी
    बशन्त ल्याउँ छौ की?
    हरीयाली छाउँ छौ की?
    तिम्रो यो प्रयासलाई
    झरी म,
    झरे भनी
    झरी बनी उ¥याँउछौ की?
    ए वादल
    डग मगाउन
    हल्का बिजुली

    चिसो योे
    छिप्दै […]

  • The garden of Dreams, known for its neoclassic design and history, is one of the few serene places left in a city of Kathmandu full of crowd and chaos. Established in the 1920s by one of the avid lovers of art, […]

  • Escaped..

    The brick walls don’t suit her anymore,
    Neither do the same chores interests her,
    What if, the never-ending sky is her roof?
    And the earth, which has thousands of stories to tell the b […]

  • Importance of Tourism in Nepal isn’t just limited to the tourist coming in. I am an avid traveler myself. And I post some snapshots from my travel on my Instagram account. A few weeks ago, one of my Instagram […]

  • Online shopping is gaining popularity in Nepal for a few years. The wide range of consumers, comparatively cheaper internet and a wide range of options have made e-commerce a promising business. Within a few […]

  • १ अानाको लालपुर्जामा
    दाजु भार्इको सुर्ता गाछ

    सानो छदा माया थियो
    अहिले हिले ठाँउमा
    उफ्रेजस्तै उफ्रिनु भाछ
    १ अानाको लालपुर्जामा
    दाजु भार्इको सुर्ता गाछ
    अामा बाबा कता कता
    लालपुर्जानै उनिहरूको साँख […]

  • In recent years, the use of drones has increased exponentially to film the natural beauty of any place at minimal cost and less time. Drone, technically known as Unmanned Aerial Device (UAV) is popular among the […]

  • King Birendra was born on Dec. 28, 1945. He was crowned king in January of 1972 after his father King Mahendra died. Birendra’s grandfather, King Tribhuvan was crowned the king of Nepal with the helps of India […]

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