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    जिवान को पहिलो माया, आमा
    यो सुन्दर धर्ती मा मेरी उत्पति गरायौँ,
    तिम्रो ममता को कोख,
    न्यानो माया, तिम्रो माया
    जिवानमा पाठ जीवनको सजावट
    सिकाउदै बितेको माया,
    मेरो मूर्खपानको
    हजारौ रिस झगडा,
    यस्ता मेरा […]

  • We are but Humans afterall
    appearance, they say it does not matter,
    then the world again judges on fairer & darker,
    forsaken third world country’s´ are always the later,
    white community evidently thought ri […]

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    what was thought to be simple childhood task
    remotely turning into huge pain while on adulthood
    aeon back sleep was my favorite hobby
    here sleep became a thing to summon
    sleepless dream harder than […]

  • I Miss You

    today I remember your smile
    your gaze and charm ness a while
    shy and beautiful, the nature of you
    to speak was only way be part you
    then there we were
    sharing lives over phone,
    dawn to dusk the […]

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