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Harassment: aggressive pressure or intimidation

The fourteen year old, afraid to get on a bus for the fear of what happened last time, only if it were the last time; the words from a hypocrite on support of equality, but two beers down women become objects of materiality, or ones who don’t even need beer to getting their miserable perception go ahead; or women getting materialized just because ‘sex sells’ on adverts, media or porn, which probably is the only way most men get in touch with, and sadly, perceive the magnificent feminine.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]I have been around people who have been harassed, physically, emotionally and mentally. Some scars they need to carry for the rest of their days; when touching or leering becomes desensitized just because they have bigger demons – they have been through worse! [/perfectpullquote]

I’ve also been around people who took pride in physical harassment, let alone mental, emotional or on social media; as if it were a badge on their ego for a victory, as if they were superior or for sheer sexual gratification from an easier hunt; simply being easier because of the effort it truly takes to actually be fit for being a person who can get into situations where needs are met fair and square. Such actions, stories, and people make a soul shrink to the depths of an abyss; harassers on public buses, busy streets, or even in relationships.

[perfectpullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]To resolve a ‘what’, there needs to be an understanding of ‘why’[/perfectpullquote]

Thus, to the ‘whys’, we as humans have  greed for ego gratification, to feel superior, to feel significant stemming from the need to feel that we do matter and our existence not meaningless, returning to dust and ashes as we go. As we all probably know, whenever a river is blocked, there is bound to be a flood, an outflow of energy in all the wrong ways from all the wrong places. Similar to this, our need for significance and need for the outpour of sexual energies, when restricted, comes out in all perverted forms, be it harassment, addiction to masturbation, even dreadful actions such as violence and rape.

Why men do it more?whys of sexual harassment

To understand this, we must understand the nature of energies, the male and the female, the outgoing and the encircling. Each of us have both the energies to a certain degree, but men usually and naturally having more of the masculine energy, which is conquering, reaching out, approaching, outflowing; that’s why there are wars and there is advancement in all sectors, all it does is reach out until the last bit of the flow runs dry. The female, on the other hand usually have more feminine energy which is nurturing, caring, focused inwards, thus marriage and relationships being of more importance to the feminine.

Masculine energy being the aggressive energy tends to approach, in every way it can; and due to the blockage of it and sexuality, from lack of social intelligence, men (usually) tend to approach even though it comes off as harassment. If lack of flow of sexuality termed as good, there are rarely good boys and girls; because there’s no stopping a river, it flows one way or the other.

[perfectpullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Another major reason of harassment is gender inequality.[/perfectpullquote]

The misguided culture making men superior to women in most of the eastern cultures, even in some western ones, inadvertently provides a sort of unfair license to inequality. The fact of the outflow nature of masculine gets confused with a more dominant energy thus it easily becomes the oppressor. Also because, women, feeling dominated over, might release their energies being the oppressor themselves as if a bullied child growing up to be a bully, the frustration vented upon someone innocent.

If harassment is to be minimized or eradicated the mentality of the harassers should be changed, with proper education and conditioning of gender equality; better starting from childhood. Because the human mind can be perceived as an egg, once one sperm cell (belief) enters the egg, it’s nearly impossible for the mind to take in a new belief. It will build an identity around the belief and identity crisis is a primal fear of a human being.

To the harassers, even the ones in the ‘other’ folder of almost every girl on Facebook. My sincere request is; Please. Stop. It does not help you or anyone. It’s a flood that will sweep away all the fertile soil of your mind you could grow yourself on. Build social intelligence, read books on social interactions, psychology, behavioral science, go out more, learn through experiences; it’s hard work but most things worth having comes from hard work, otherwise they would be less appreciated.

Besides, it’s all about how we make others feel; do we leave them better than we found them, or worse?

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