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Have anyone called you a psycho or crazy?
Not in a kidding way,
in a serious form.
Or anyone handed you visiting card of psychologist and asked you to visit him?
Yes, I have been.

I was considered as a mentally retired guy.
Whose thoughts are always high.
A normal minded doesn’t get it.
Because it’s me who goes through various shit.
And I think they will not understand
very dark and depressing thoughts.
No light seems anywhere near
Surrounded by anxiety, sadness, and fear.

Actually, I can’t write it down.
Cause I already said,
You will not understand.
What I have been.
These words won’t make any sense,
don’t try to find it.
I spite my thought on a copy.
To know who really I am.

Do I sound crazy to you?
Or it’s wrong with them who called me psycho in a serious way?

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