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We come across people who thank us for something that we did for them. How do you feel? Blissful!! Isn’t it? How often do you express your gratitude to someone? I am not asking you to thank every passerby, but how about the people we meet almost every day. Did you thank the shopkeeper from whom you bought an article? The man who filled up your tank at a petrol pump? The watchman who helped you to move out your vehicle from a parking lot?

Thanking people has a dual effect. Two souls feel happy just by saying a word THANKS. You never know what they have been going through the whole day but just letting them know that you are grateful for what they did for you bring a smile to their face. There are people who don’t regularly get appreciated for what they do.

Visualize this – You are standing at a daily needs shop waiting around other 5 people for a shopkeeper to listen to your needs. He clearly is busy having so many customers together and struggling to fulfill everybody’s need. Finally, your turn arrives and still he listens to you patiently and provides you his service. So, don’t you think he deserves thanks for his nonirritated attitude towards you? He sure does! You should make him a little happier by saying thanks.

Similarly, there are many persons who provide their services without hesitation, problems and forgetting what they have been going through that day. Never take anybody for granted. They are humans they also have their bad and hard days and still they are ready to smile and help. Why not give out a word to them. Yeah? Every person deserves to know that you are happy with what they did for you. You will surely light up their world.

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Be thankful to them. Thanking someone helps to brighten up that someone’s day. Reciprocate the pleasure you felt. Thank a person who deserves to hear it. Spread a smile.

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