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Author’s note: I wrote this post at the end of 2014 when I was hopeful about 2015 and what it could bring. The fact that it is just as relevant today, tells us something about human nature. Every year, we hope. Every new year, we celebrate. At the end of each year, we say goodbye and anticipate. We fight the same battles, hurt for the same losses, and before we know it, life happens. Numbers change, but underneath it all, we all want the same thing. Peace, love and happiness. So here’s to 2016. Hope it is, still!

I used to do a lot of these. Every birthday, every new year I had something to say about how the last one went.  Until one day, suddenly, I became uninterested in looking back. I don’t know why it happened – when it happened. I started looking forward, way ahead of things. Since then, it is who I am. I live in the future now. I’m either living too far back in memories or I’m floating out into a dream. The present, just does not seem to hold my attention. And it doesn’t, for anyone else either. Aren’t we all perpetually looking at the future? How does one even live in the present? Everything that we do, we do in anticipation of a better future. Has anyone ever plumped down to the floor and declared that they are swollen to the core with contentment? So much, if they were to look forward to a better future, they would be doing a disservice to the level of contentment that they feel. Whoever has said that they have enough memories and don’t need anymore. The future is everything that today is not. It is a happier place. It has brighter lights. It is the Pandora box of magic tricks. It is hope.

If you are a person who lives in the present, I am not speaking to you. I don’t know your kind; therefore, I do not speak your language. I speak for the futurists who are looking forward to 2016. Can we speed up and move on to the other side already? Too many people are dying, and December is losing its charm. It feels like the universe is losing patience. Will 2016 calm the exploding universe? Aren’t we all just secretly hoping that all of this will over soon? With 2015 gone, the universe will calm down and we can go back to watching videos of dancing babies?

I certainly hope it will be a better year than it has ever been. 2016 it is. Hope it is.

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