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People think they have figured out life. They give you advice. While advising, they think they’re doing you good and this is exactly where everything goes wrong. We don’t know what’s best for us ourselves and how could we let someone else change our perspective of life?

After finishing my under-graduate studies, I had little options but to get a job. Other people are responsible for pressuring me and putting myself in this position. When I told people that I was going to study computer for my bachelors, they said that I finally came to my senses. At that point I couldn’t stand for myself so I sat back and took this course. I’ve completed and now I feel like I’ve made the wrong choice.

How could I let someone else decide whats best for me? This person observed the world and saw what the world was doing and which field of study produced the easiest jobs with high pay. Like a fool, I took the misleading advice and now I don’t want to go with coding. Even though I know I have what it takes to work in this field and make some money, it’s something I do not show passion for. Way before I was any good with coding, I’ve met people who told me that coding is fun. It never became fun for me. To me, it became more of a burden with deadlines creeping in and I lacked the motivation to work on improving myself in this field everyday.

People will knowingly or unknowingly try to change your perspective of this world. They’ll try to make you follow the paths they themselves followed or the paths they should have followed but never did. The society is turning us into sheep. We are doing what we need to do to survive, not following our dreams and do the things that really make us happy. When we try to follow our dreams, people will call us fools cause we’re not giving a damn to the system and living a way with much risk and freedom. I’ll tell you the things we should do is stop other people from letting us go through this.

We do not need to explain people why we take certain decisions and ignore the usual ways of life. We do not need to try to explain them our priorities. People will either easily understand what we are doing or we are only wasting our time in trying to show them what we are trying to do. After all, we do not need anybody’s approval for any choices we make in our life.

Society will try to make us dependent on them. It will try to narrow you down to follow the ways of our faulty system. In our society we have few options on subjects to study, compulsion to follow religion, and little choice in choosing whom to marry. Our beliefs and choices are always scrutinized. We’ve been letting others decide what we should do, without them knowing whats best for us. They want to lead and make us follow. We live in a world where we have to argue to back our choices. For every thing we do or ignore, we are criticized.

In a society that compares us to every other individual, we will only find conflict. We are compared to others achievement. We are talked about for our preferences. People bring the past in to put us down. They try to show examples of a success story in trying to lure us to follow a path that is not meant for us. Is this the way of life we want to follow?

We have to be ready to face our criticisms. People will doubt us and call us naive. They’ll laugh at us when we fail and make us a part of their useless talks. They’ll call us stupid for trying to achieve the impossible. The way I see it, impossible is a term for the weak minded. To achieve greatness, first we need start by believing in ourselves. In taking the less traveled roads, we unravel the greater mysteries of life. We should always be ready to strive for what we really want to do. From a young age, we need to indulge ourselves into activities that will build us up to reach the dreams we have. If we follow someones advice and if that is reason you’re unhappy, it is only you to blame for not working on achieving your dream.

We all make mistakes and we’re only learning. We’re meant to be imperfect so that we can learn from all the wrong things we do. If we all follow the safe and boring ways of life, we will never make our dreams a reality. Stop letting people boss you around and tell you what you should do. It’s okay to disagree with people and to have some alone time to make a decision for yourself. Whatever you’re doing right now, know that it’s never too late to free yourself from confinement of pressure from elsewhere.

It’s your life, take no safety nets, and make your dream come true.

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