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I look at myself in a reflecting, shiny, and silver plated glass hanging on the wall of my dark room. The image I see is a reflection of me, yet I doubt the image. I see through my eyes, my image, and a figure of an insecure person. I try to appreciate myself, but this mirror always contradicts my vision. In my eyes, I see networks and link of opportunities captured in my pupil, waiting for my hand to open the doors of these chances and make my reality. I can visualize the pain of millions of people wearing the same shoe as mine.

Despite all my possibilities, I lack the power to break this wall that is creating a bridge between me and my dreams. Should I blame the mirror for projecting my real reflection in my eyes? Why do I live with this shame and pain? At times, I feel like breaking all mirrors I possess, so I could never look at myself again. Hot tears drop from my brown eyes, but a sharp inspirational voice erupts from my mind. “No Hope, you are beautiful, but your weight troubles you?  Why hate your beauty? Your weight shall not be an obstacle to your success.” I begin to realize, but the pain of neglect still thrashes my heart. I then survey my room; I see pictures of myself covering the walls. I love to see them, but they are ten years old. Now, I never take pictures because I am ashamed of my weight and beauty. No one loves me or wants to be my friend. This isolation eats at me. Suddenly, I realize that the image I see now is a reflection of a person with low self-esteem.

I blame the media for brainwashing the minds of people because it depicts a wrong picture and definition of beauty. But what is beauty? What makes a person beautiful?  I begin to question myself. At that very moment, I see the mirror portraying a different perception of beauty. That is me. I then perceive that my mind is playing games with me. I hear that millions of people are not happy about themselves, especially with their weight and beauty. We accumulate pessimistic thoughts in our minds that influence and impact our everyday life. “No more”, I say, “No more”.

It is time for me to take a paper and pen to write my voice and pain in words—to tell the world that it is not worthwhile hating oneself. Instead, it is the time to love and appreciate our own unique beauty. I believe that no one is literally ugly as everyone’s beauty is unique, a grace blessed by God.  To be beautiful, one needs to find peace from inside, and this satisfaction will project to the outside. Let not the media poison your minds with images that make you hate yourselves. No, we cannot blame the mirror instead; allow it to bring forth your individual potential, your unique persona.

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