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Treading towards a distant statue perched on top of a hill. A strange feeling of calm overcomes me. Seeing his peaceful composure it leaves you with thoughts. Amidst all that chaos is a being in peace that we forget. We tend to make our inner conflicts the truth. Most of what could be the truth but exaggerated beyond their triviality. Why does it matter what others think of us when we know who we really are and that conscience is sufficient to attain not success but inner peace. Project what you may but people see what their minds seek to believe.


The only person who doesn’t need an explanation is you. If you choose to be sincere when you can cheat defines you. We can bluff everyone but not the one who stares us in the mirror. Loving deeply and getting hurt in return is not regrettable but a chance of growth. It instills a faith on yourself that things might seem to be going wrong but not you.


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