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Photography is a form of modern art. It is a process of recording light or other electromagnetic radiation by using the electric device with the help of an image sensor or by light-sensitive material like photographic film to capture the moment. Photography is also a medium of expression and way to capture memories. Three artists, who shared and relived their memories through their lens, were  featured in ‘On the Move’ at Bikalpa Art Cafe in Pulchowk, Lalitpur. The photography exhibition started on August 2 and concluded on August 12.

The art gallery featured exclusive collections of the three talented artists; Nepali artists Nabin Baral, Kaushal Sapkota and French artist Mathilde Castaignede. These artists shared their personal views of their discovery of emotions, passion and their experiences of traveling in around different countries.

Bikalpa art cafe photography exhibition on the move nabin baral

(From right-left) Nabin Baral’s ‘Victim of Superstition’, ‘To Be Sacrificed’ and ‘Jay Shamboo’ displayed at Bikalpa Art Gallery (Pulchowk) for ‘On The Move’ exhibition from August 2-12, 2019. Photo: Smriti Thapa

Nabin Baral‘s photography exhibited the ten years period of his life time. The image selected shows us all the memories and moments he captured during his 10 years of journey. His photos capture emotions and sensations of the subjects and the ambience.

There were a total of nine photos from Nabin Baral including ‘To Be Sacrificed’ and ‘Victim of Superstition’. His ‘To Be Sacrificed’  pictures a buffalo, amid a number of buffaloes, waiting to be sacrificed in a land. If feels like the buffalo is staring right at you, expressing its helplessness; calling for help. His ‘Victim of Superstition’ shows a tired man and woman crossing a river to worship their God.

In the exhibition, Mathilde Castaignede’s photos expressed her intimate life through her beautiful art of photography. Her work explores the limits of real and imaginary representations. Among many pictures, she showcased only 11 pictures which were taken through her three years of her life. The photo includes pictures of different countries of Europe, Asia and Australia.

French artist’s collection has a total of 10 photos. This collection consists pictures like ‘Madrid, Spain’ which shows a man sitting in a bench waiting for the train in a train station. The empty station juxtaposes the man’s emptiness. Another picture ‘Melbourne, Australia’ which shows a picture of a building.

Bikalpa art center photography exhibition on the move kaushal sapkota

Kaushal Sapkota’s ‘Space and Mobility A’ (on top) and ‘Space and Mobility B’ (on bottom) with Mathilde Castaignede’s ‘Madrid, Spain’ (in middle) displayed at Bikalpa Art Gallery (Pulchowk) for ‘On The Move’ exhibition from August 2-12, 2019. Photo: Smriti Thapa

Meanwhile, Kaushal Sapkota has presented his series of pictures titled ‘Moving Parallels’, which was inspired by the idea of parallel lines. This collection consists of many different pictures showing us how we can take a perfect image in our life  without even touching any image just like parallel lines. Out of many photos only nine photos were displayed to express his art. Majority of his photos were taken in different parts of Nepal. While ‘Winding Parallels?’ and ‘Parallel Melody’ were taken in part of the USA.

Among Kaushal Sapkota’s collection of 11 pictures which included ‘Little Red Riding Hood (A)’ which showed a women mixing cow dung with hay for making fire. While his ‘Space and Mobility B’ showed a group of people sitting on a bench and gossiping while the time is passing by .

Bikalpa Art Cafe holds these kinds of exhibitions focusing on arts of different forms on regular intervals.

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