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How regularly do you get called beautiful? Do you keep asking your mirror who is the most beautiful in the world? Do you feel beautiful? What is your definition of beautiful?



Purpose of asking these questions are to make you realize that you don’t even have to give a second thought about it. You don’t have to be called beautiful every day, no need to ask your mirror. Matter of fact – “YOU are pristine beauty”.  Each and every one of you is beautiful. Definitions of beautiful does not account for catty eyes, pouty lips, perfectly angled eyebrow, aligned teeth, round cheeks and freckle, wrinkle and spot free face. It does not even count in curvaceous body. There is something more to it, much more…


It’s the heart you carry with you! Ask yourself are you good by heart. If the answer you get is a yes then go ahead pat yourself and head up coz you are THE beauty! Crown yourself love!! Outer appearance is not the only thing which matters and makes you beautiful. We all have imperfections. But we should not be imperfect by heart. That blood pumping organ should pump happiness and positivity around you. That thump-er will make you beautiful itself.


Then  some of you will be like but nobody got time to see a beautiful heart? Umm..  NO! there are people who wake up each day to meet a person just like you. There are 7 billion on this planet and there are some who will like to have you with them.


We all go through the puberty stage which delivers the version 2.0 of you. This very stage changes us both in and out, physically, mentally and emotionally. There are breakouts which hands down each of us hate and start tagging ourselves as ugly. Well!! No no no you are not ugly. Acne, spots, blemishes are just part of transition process. Really, you cannot start terming yourself as ugly! Stop hating yourself just because you got upgraded to a new you!

Fat, thin, black skin, white skin, yellow skin, curly, wavy, straight hair, any body type..etc, nothing matters really!!  You have to feel beautiful from inside. The day you will accept yourself that day will be epic because people will see that spark of beauty which was shadowed by the very thought you had for yourself before.


People use makeup to cover their flaws and I have no issues with that and nobody should have actually,  if that makes you feel beautiful from inside, go ahead then do it. Then there are some of us who are not big fan of makeup and that thing makes you feel that you lack somewhere. Well… no you don’t lack anywhere. You look naturally beautiful. Imperfections are itself perfection in their own unique way, they make you little different from others. You should not be gloomy about it, you should accept it, live with it not because you have to, but because you should be in love with yourself first in order so that others accept you. When people find you being comfortable with yourself they don’t give a damn to think that you are little less than perfect. Girls who don’t wear makeup –  hello no worries move forward, bare face is the best way to let people know that you have imperfection and you are absolutely comfortable with it.


Ladies you really need no one to remind you that you are beautiful. Do things that make you feel so! If glaaming yourself up makes you get that feel, get glaaming then!! You all are sugar so don’t dissolve in those I-am-ugly thoughts and lose yourself. You are beaUtiful. 😀 I would like to sum up this with a great quote by Khalil Gibran – “ Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart”


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