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Greeting and apologies to all my readers. It’s been so long since I wrote a blog post. I was stuck with academies and life, that’s the only reason or excuse I could come up with. Procrastination could be another reason too. Anyways, today I am bringing you a post where I would love to throw in some tips as to, “how to make 2016 a good and memorable year”.

It all started from mid December when I began spotting post on social medias saying that 2015 was one of the worst year of life. Well! Each year such post and pictures surfaces the world of internet. It’s surprisingly true each year as well, because I too find that the year I just lived was a roller-coaster of emotions and challenges that I was never prepared to face and sadness was upon me all the time and I didn’t expect 2015 to be bad etc.

If you can follow as to what I wrote so far and most importantly relate it to yourself; then don’t worry almost everybody goes through this, each year. So, let’s dig in as to what can be done to make 2016  more memorable.

Keep a journal: I keep a journal and truth to be told I don’t write in it every day. I do journalism when something special or good or funny had happened with me, and even when something horrible went with me or when I am sad or mad about something. Don’t underestimate the power of journalism your feeling or days, because when at the end of the year, when you will think that the year was bad, that will be the time to flip through your pages and you will find that your year was not that bad actually.

Make video diaries:If you are really not the journal type, then record yourself expressing as how good the day was or how lucky you feel that day or may be vent about the person at whom you are mad. Also, you can vlog a good moment that you are in. These video diaries will boost you at the end of the year when you feel like “nothing good happened this year!”. One more advantage, it will be good entertainment when you grow old and senile and can do nothing but just sit and think about life.

Memory jar: This idea was all over YouTube in 2015. It’s a simple way to keep all good memories that you will have in next 366 days. All you have to do is write on a small piece of paper the thing or situation that makes you feel good and happy that day. You can write, when something exciting happened with you and would love to remember that. Write on a paper and put it in a jar. So, now whenever you feel down, just reach your jar and pull out little pieces of paper and you will realize that the year is not going that bad indeed.

Dream diary: I really cannot tell how this can help but I saw it somewhere and I find it an interesting way to distract from the thoughts that the year was bad. Most of us forget what we just dream after few minutes of waking up or remember only tits and bits. Keep the dream diary near you, like on you bedside table and write down any part that you remember out of your dreams. As I said it will just distract you from your reality and help you remember something cool. Well! I dream about Ian Somerhalder and Joseph Morgan sometimes and I really don’t intend to forget those no matter how bad the year was.

Make a TO DO 2016: Like daily to do list make a TO DO 2016 list, things you would love to do or achieve this year. I have already made one, and one of my goals is to read at least 30 novels this year and another is to visit at least two new places this year. At the end of the year see how many of them have you actually done or nearly done. That will give a sense of pride and motivate you that year was productive in some way.

Find time for things you love: Each day allot some time to things you absolutely love to do and really enjoy. If you love going on hike then make sure you go on hike every weekend. If you love reading then give some time to that in your busy day. Find time for things which makes you feel happy. Days can be crappy but giving time to activities you love will be amazing.

Learn something new: As cliche as it sounds, yes learning something new like a language or taking aerobics or zumba classes will be a highlighting point of your year. You will feel great that you have learnt something entirely new this year as opposed to last year. New experiences and knowledge counts!

Phew! Now that you know how to welcome 2016 and not feel bad about the year when it ends; say hi to 2016 and enjoy. Days and years can be horrible and bad sometimes but you have a choice to make it excellent and memorable. It takes a little mental push to do well to oneself. Bad day comes and go but you can find and weave in good memories out of it too. All you have to do is live in moments and create some memories.

Happy New year, everyone!! May 2016 bring in more joy and happiness into your life.

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