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Happy Fall!

Finally, my favorite season of the year is here and I cannot express how happy I am that it is finally September. 

The feeling that it is going to get cold soon scares me a little but I am just NOT into hot and sweaty weather so fall is my perfect setting. Not only it makes me buoyant to see the color of the leaves changing but I love to smell and feel the fresh breeze, a little chilly but I don’t mind it at all. Another thing I love about fall is being able to bring so many aspects to my wardrobe and revamp my style a little bit. I am so looking forward to that layering, jeans, jackets and my dearest of all scarfs. I am already unboxing my cold weather outfits! You can tell I am so excited

During this season, I am fond of playing with dark colors; plums, wine color, blacks, mauve, military green and so on … these are some of my most enjoyed colors over fall! I wore this wine colored dress as we headed out to lunch and just stopped by at a park to snap some clicks. The weather was perfect and I was in a mood for dance. I am not a great dancer but when I am happy my toes just cannot keep up ?

So…Let’s talk about this dress, shall we? So, this color of dress I am wearing is my beloved color for fall. I love the cut and feel of the dress. It was a little big on me so I paired it with a skinny belt that ties around my waist and defines my body quite well. The best part about this dress is the ruffles in the sleeves which gave it a sophisticated and feminine look. I love it! You can definitely wear this to any day time or night time event by accessorizing it as per your need. I paired a wine red lipstick to compliment the dress and left my face little blank. I really like this look; quick and easy And lastly, say hello to my new member of my shoe collection… I am really enjoying these booties as they are so adaptable to wear with any kind of outfit. These peep toe booties have a little lace on them which adds some womanly spell to your style.  Looking forward to enjoying this fall and the pumpkin season!

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Until next time,
Mash <3


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Born in Nepal and living in Minneapolis, I am trailing my love towards Fashion & Style via my blog As a teenager, fashion magazines were my greatest motivation and today I enjoy getting inspired by the evolution of style around me via blogs and web magazines. I love seeing any woman dress up to their best and that is something that has always pushed me to dress alluringly. I am very passionate about head-turning fashion trends that is chic yet simple and I love to try standout beauty products. I consider in dressing up comfortably but the finest for each occasion. To me, fashion is a way to boost my self-confidence and I strongly believe that feeling confident and fabulous should be everyday style choice. Besides my adoration for fashion, I am finishing up my Master’s degree in Information Technology Management and see myself working as an Information Technology Manager in the near future. Please visit my blog at for more details!

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