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Ten Things to do on Epic Pi Day: HEY Guys, it’s pi day. Since, 3. 14. 15 is the ultimate pi day of the century, we can’t let it go wasted. But, if are you not sure what to do?? We have figured out ten things to do and celebrate this famous and irrational number in some irrational ways. Enjoy the epic day!!!!

1. Wake up exactly at 9.26.53














2. Eat a pie for breakfast

images (6)


3. May be write a note to someone who you love 

images (5)


4. Create a mood alert on your tshirt

images (11)


5. Watch a movie



6. And nothing but seafood for dinner

images (9)


7. Ask a riddle to your friend (or an enemy)

images (10)


8. Compliment someone 

images (1)



9. Go treasure hunting

images (3)


10. And while you go to bed you have all the time to be skeptic!!!!!




Happy Pi Day!!!!

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