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We all long for holidays and vacations in exotic locations. Holidays help to end the monotonous routine of work for many people. As many people rarely get the chance to have long holidays, they want to spend their holidays the best way possible, away from their home or their country. Some people want to spend their holidays in a place that also has many recreational activities. And if you are looking for destinations to spend your vacation with your closed ones in, here is a list of top 5 best holiday destinations in Asia for family.


5 best holiday destinations in asia for family-singapore

Photo: Unsplash/ Hu-Chen

A family trip is never complete without visiting Singapore. Singapore considered one of the best holiday destinations in Asia for family. It is a safe destination with streets that are easy to navigate. This country is the perfect destination to travel with children.

You can find few of the fantastic attractions that both you and your kids will love in Singapore. It includes the MegaZip Adventure Park, Gardens by the Bay, the SEA Aquarium, and the Adventure Cove Waterpark. Not only that to experience ultimate family playground you must visit Sentosa Island (with Universal Studios). This island is a lush, sandy resort island dedicated especially for family fun, relaxation and good times.


Thailand is a hot tourist destination in Asia. It has adventures for all ages and can definitely bring a smile to your face if you are trying to get away from your anxiety. The country has a diverse landscape. You will find lush jungles, mountains in Chiang Mai, with stunning beaches in the South. Then there is grand temples and shopping complexes in Bangkok, you can visit.

It is the best place to go if you are traveling with babies or toddlers. Since, Bangkok is equipped with nursing rooms which can be found in several high-end malls. Talking about its food, Thailand’s street foods are a must-try as it lets you experience varieties of tastes and flavors. This place is definitely one of the best holiday destinations in Asia for a family packed with lots of fun.


5 best holiday destinations in asia for family-japan

Photo: Unsplash/ Manuel Cosentino

Japan is a must-visit place if you are visiting Asia for holidays with your family. You will get lots of opportunities to meet kind and friendly people. Tokyo is an excellent place to start your vacation. However, it is a busy place and might not be the ideal place if you are using a stroller since subways can get very crowded.

Tokyo consists of different kid-friendly places which are worth checking out. Places including Tokyo Disney, Ghibli museum, several fun arcades, parks, and kids cafes. Older children might be in awe of the culture, while young kids will definitely find the energy exciting. Nara and Kyoto will make a great side trip as there are ancient temples, castles. And, of course, don’t miss out on Nara’s famous deer which the kids will be enjoy feeding and making friends with.

Both destinations have lots of wide-open spaces where your kids can run around freely and would be safe. Due to its culture and its people, Japan definitely makes it to the list of the best holiday destinations in Asia for family.


If you are looking for something different on your trip then Malaysia may be the one for you. Visiting Malaysia is all about Sabah as it has been a dream destination of every adventurer for a long time. This land of paradise has a rich marine biodiversity, lush rainforests, and wildlife which will probably excite you and your children.

Sabah is all about seeing animals in their natural habitat. You can also go island hopping at the beautiful Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park, which is made up of five islands, all of which are easily accessible in a speedboat. You should definitely also visit Kinabatangan River Cruise, which sails through the longest river in Sabah for the ultimate experience.

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get to see a glimpse of eagles, crocodiles, and elephants. Once you visit the place, you will definitely want to visit again, making it one of the best holiday destinations in Asia for family.

Indonesia (Bali)

5 best holiday destinations in asia for family-bali ,indonesia

Photo: Unsplash/ Cassie Gallegos

If you are planning to go on the Asia tour with your family, you should keep this island in your bucket list. If you are seeking a cheap family holiday then this place is for you as everything is affordable. And if you are with your children then you can also find a certified childcare nanny if you want some quality adult time to yourself and It is not expensive at all.

The nature and the wildlife activities there will thrill you and your children thoroughly. Some fantastic attractions of the island include Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Elephant Safari Park, Bali Bird Park, and Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple. Not only that there are more beaches than you can relax in, and villa rentals with a private swimming pool and butler service that are cheaper than anywhere else in Asia. The adventure provided in cheap price definitely makes this land one of the best holiday destinations in Asia for family.

Hope you like our list of best holiday destinations in Asia for family and your friends and will consider visiting them. If you have visited any place that is your favorite then let us know.

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