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A Circle

A boy woke up in his bed as the curtains caressed his hair from being swung by a soft breeze.

He got up and started to get dressed memorizing the beautiful dream that he had a day before.

The world was full of flowers and people had smiles on their faces.

Everyone looked cheerful, motivated and doing their best to make this world a better place.

No one thought just for themselves!

There was no hunger or pain like before the ill-fated night that the ‘Pandora’s Box’ was opened!

The air was mild, the music was soothing, the feeling serene!


Then there was yesterday!

The boy walked up to the window on the other side of the room!

Then looked down at the ground from a thousand feet up.

He climbed onto the window and a fast breeze hit him.

The wind was filled with grief, pain, suffering, resentment;

Pride, deceit, anger, hunger, chaos and empty dreams!

Without a hint of hesitation, he jumped off the window and landed on the concrete!


A boy woke up in his bed ….

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