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One, Two


I was lost and knew not the way back,

Knew not even, where I was,

Or, if I could ever get back.

Tried I had and yet still, had fallen down,

And I was trapped in a pit.

I could see no rope or a ladder,

I had tried or maybe not,

But trapped I was in a heart-shaped hole.

By fate or by destiny- although I believe in no such notions,

I met you and I Saw you,

And, there and then was a rope and a ladder,

But I needed it not for now I had wings

And as I felt the wind and soared high,

On the edge were you– smiling.

And the hole was filled.

And the pit was gone.


What if I were to say

Let’s meet on Valentine’s Day?

How would you react?

And, what would you say?

I wouldn’t care much for it though,

Unless you were to say,

“Let’s meet and share a kiss or two”

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