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By now everybody must be done with their exams. The stress is gone finally, although the real anxiety will wave you bye when results are out, and you are set to get in the next academic year. But until the results are out, have some fun and enjoy the post stress weeks. Exams are over and now nothing can be done by worrying, it’s not going to change anything. So, have fun!! I have some great ideas and fun stuff to do, to enjoy the weeks ahead.


Movie night at home: Theaters are great place to go but when you want to do crazy stuff, the real crazy one with your weirdly awesome friends, home sounds great to watch movie. See if you could project the movie onto the wall and do a big screening!! How about a spine chilling scary movie? Or a series your gang enjoys? Nobody is going to judge you and your craziness in there.

Be the chef: A movie night with friends demands many mouths to feed, cook some crazy delicious food to enjoy night together. Cooking together, creating some new dishes is going to be really fun!

Hiking: Nothing is more fun than having two things done at one go. It is a great way to exercise and have great time with your friends. Start at least half an hour before the sun is up. Chase the sun!!

Road trip: Exploring places together with your friends is a nice way to celebrate the after exams mood. Road trip doesn’t have to be by car only. Be a little more enthusiast, maybe get few motorbikes and ride the roads like a boss with your gang!

Volunteer for a good cause: We all get social on our phones, take step ahead and volunteer for a good cause. You will get a new experience, and you will feel a good unknown emotion like never before. Its complete bliss!! Happy to help!!

Sleepover: This is coming along with us from decades. We cannot understate the fun we have when all your friends are squeezed in your room, in the pjs and groom each other or play video games all night long. It is a complete package of home, bed, food with our second family. Having a great time bro!!

Picnic or camp: We all have enjoyed this from childhood. It’s never going out of style. Camping nearby woods or having a picnic in open green fields. Prefect way to spend some fun time!

Visit a farmhouse: No, it’s not gross!! We freaking get oats for our breakfast and milk for our shakes from there. Experience the life of a hardworking farmer (you don’t have to work as hard as them, just enjoy the little things) and their environment. It’s going to be tough, but hey count on the fun you will have with your family and friends. Let’s not forget about fresh food we will get! Yummy..

Night out: Hit a beach. Have a bonfire. Roast some marshmallows. Talk to your homies about life, hopes and aspiration and make some crazy memories. It always doesn’t have to be sun and sand! Go for moon and sand!!!

Pool party: Its spring and summer time guys. Bring some floaties, snacks to munch on and of course some cool beats to groove on!!  Play some awesome pool games. It is never going to fail as an enjoyment option.

Pursue a latent hobby: Are you into photography as sideline? Maybe DIYing stuff? Get in touch with that. Get diverted into your bubble. Create something you passionately enjoy.

Spend time with your family: Spending quality time with your family is one best thing you can do when you were not able to spend it with them during exams. Take your mom with you for shopping to hop into the spring/ summer trend. Hangout with your dad and indulge in deep talks over coffee. You will never regret spending it with them!

I hope this will help you to enjoy the days until your results arrive. All the best for your results.

PS: If you are still in exam phase or your exams are yet to start then click here. Those tips will walk you through exam anxiety and help you deal that time.


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