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I frequently hear about the protests against gender inequality and other myriads of problems we, humans have encountered but I rarely hear about the protests against the hideous behavior of humans to animals. So, this book Animal Farm is among few handfuls of efforts to reduce maltreatment against animals. Written by George Orwell in 1945, this book is truly moving. It has also kind of humorous story as the author has created his different vision to craft this novel.

Mistreated by Mr.Jones (owner of the farm), the old Major proposes an idea to Animals of Manor farm for overthrowing Jone’s administration. Through his persuasive words, animals are convinced to revolt.  The unified and joined force of animals succeeded in their motive. Released from the clutches of human, there is yet a long way to go.

As the story progresses, we can soon realize there are some animals who are superior to others in terms of position and the facilities they get. Pigs seem to gain power more than ever. Animals like the boxer, who are very hardworking, also turn out to be naïve and unaware of the fact that pigs are actually using them as slaves. Time passes, the farm which was once happy and prosperous turns into a poverty-stricken farm. Famine hits the farm, with a shortage of food. The ones whom the animals had fully trusted turned out to be frauds.

There is one special thing about this book; the story here can be compared to the political scenario of our country. The leaders are the pigs who take advantage of ours and we are the poor animals who have to work day and night but still cannot fulfill our basic needs.

Lastly, I recommend this book to everyone who is looking for a completely new experience. Try this, you will barely think about the world you’re living and reach to the entire strange and new world; however at the end you will, of course, compare your own story to your own context that practices hierarchy.

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  1. Sandeept

    A small book with a big truth. That’s what I thought when I completed reading it last month. And of course, it is a political satire that can clearly be compared to our political scenario.

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