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He smashed me, thrashed me
and I shrunk
from never ever trying to get out of that trunk
inside the cocoon
I wanted to come out,
wanted to breathe fresh air and shout
but was afraid
that the society was made
of those clean sheaved goons
outside my white cocoon.

It may be the nature’s rule
somehow it happened on schedule
I turned into an ugly caterpillar
and he took me as an object of thriller
he didn’t know inside that ugliness
I had a big dream;
a dream to sore high
into the colorful blue sky
roam from flowers to flowers
sharing my arms with those wonderful birds
smelling the most poignant bushes and bunch.

He again tried to smash me, thrash me.
He tried to kill me before I fly
smashing my little ugly slithering body
but this time he didn’t know
I had already grown
with a weapon in my small spikes
that pierced him and he turned black and blue.
He didn’t know how wonderful it felt deep inside
to make him scratch himself and have a deep cry.

Then I flew
when the waves of mild wind blew
turning my spikes into wings
ugliness into strings.
I am the rainbow
as I can smile the colors
and make people shy
for my transform
from that ugliness into beauty
even the beauty queens envy
and say “I want to be like her, like the beautiful butterfly.”

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