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Everybody can see the chaos outside
One rarely sees the chaos that goes inside

Too many thoughts run through my mind
Things might change, if only I could press rewind

Spend hours and hours not knowing what to rake
Brain breaks down, yet I still don’t get a break

mind is in chaos

Photo: Unsplash/ Callum Skelton

It’s funny how thoughts get entangled within themselves
If only they were easy to sort, like books in my shelf

Words come out of your mind, and they believe
If only they could see in my eyes, what your mouth could never reveal

Most of us think chaos lies in violence
Though the real chaos stays hidden somewhere, in silence

I would stay sane, it was I who made the pact
Yet every night I struggle to keep the memories intact

Everyone tells me life is about moving forward
But no one knows I’m at loss, and what goes inward

They tell me arguments can stop if you keep your mouth sealed
But they forget to tell me that wounds of heart don’t get that easily healed

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