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Silence, Crumbles!

“Born from the seed of the unknown

Thrown into the midst of dark clouds

Cold comforts a lost soul

Without knowing his whereabouts!”


Tell the lies they do, always

Through fake impressions of a sound mind

Nothing kind, nothing of the light

Only a solace through deaf and blind!

And the lost soul kindly hears

With tears in his eyes, a perfect lie

Beyond the reasons of doubt

Broken, smashed to the ground

Like a butterfly!


And flee he could, far through the sky

Hoping for the start of light

Deceived by his own freedom

Into the darkest space to strive!

Where nothing drives the still leaves

To crash and make a sound

The silence never crumbles, too silent

A null place for a hound

So he stays in his mold, unfound

Unrepressed, unexpressed

Stuck to the ground!

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