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Last month, I, along with a group of Nepali youth, came together for a workshop to help underprivileged children.

papas home children

Sharing my experience with the kids

I am an International Citizenship Service (ICS) volunteer – a volunteering program led by VSO and funded by the UK government. It’s a volunteering opportunity for youth from developing countries. ICS volunteers from the host country have to spend three months in rural communities with their international counterparts from the United Kingdom.

As an ICS volunteer, I am required to complete an Action at Home project. I chose to organize an event at Papa’s Home – an orphanage that shelters more than 20 children and is supported by Volunteer Foundation Nepal.

I wanted the children to have fun and also learn some skills in the process. I collaborated with other Volunteer Foundation Nepal members and Art of Living volunteers to organize some empowering sessions that help develop soft skills like public speaking, concentration, and focus.

papas home children

Roshni sharing health tips with the kids

Breathing, and other life skills

Sanjay Maharjan, an instructor and an Art of Living volunteer, led a session of meditation and taught them the power of breathing. The kids were friendly and enjoyed meditating, listening and practicing the skills we were teaching them.

Another Art of Living volunteer and student of public health, Roshni, taught them the importance of hygiene. Several other volunteers led sessions about health and well-being.

We also organized a drawing competition – asking the kids to draw pictures before and after the meditation session. It was interesting to see how their pictures became more positive after meditation.

After a three-hour workshop, the kids seemed happy and peaceful. We asked some of them to share their experience. They shared how much they enjoyed the session, learned new skills like breathing and meditation, and would implement the health tips we shared. One of them shared that they were no longer afraid of public speaking.

Watching the joy and empowerment that the children felt, I had a feeling that our event was successful. We ended the workshop with refreshments and group photos. As a parting gift, we distributed pencils and other stationary items.

I am very thankful to volunteers and everyone involved with the event. Thank you, Sanjay Dai, Arkana, Suman, Menaka, Roshni and participating members of VFN.

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