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Faija Parween, despite being of young age has big dreams. From her student life, she was interested in organizing programs in her school. She gradually assessed her interests and developed it into a profession, after finishing company registration of Open Space Network in 2017. Since then, she has organized various programs and events. Her main purpose was closing down the gap between the people and market operating in Nepal.

Working ahead, she now understands about market management and how to help bring Nepali products in the market. To date, she has organized several programs to help Nepali products gain good market. Likewise, she has given the opportunity to start-ups through her company.

What problems did you initially face while organizing the events?

It was a little difficult at first. Since the concept was fresh, many people came to inquire about it. Whereas some people didn’t even bother. But now, after two-and-a-half years, we have organized several programs under our name, eliminating the confusion many people had in them before. Now, many people know about the work this company does. We have organized programs upto three times for the same item, which is why we are known as a trusted brand in the market.

You had the idea of opening a company, but how difficult was it to complete the company registration process?

When I came to the conclusion that I wanted to convert my interest into my profession, I felt that I should complete the company registration process right away. I had a legal advisor to help me register and complete the legal process. He explained to me how important the legal process of opening a company is.

It may not seem like you have to go through company registration right away in the beginning, but it is necessary. Especially when you go to the market, all people look at it whether you have registered your company or not. So, the legal process plays a very important role in moving a company forward.

How are you helping those who have already opened or are planning to register a new company?

Money growth plan and company registration

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We host many events such as ‘Namaste Nepal‘, ‘Namaste Eid’, and ‘Film Festival’. We give new startups different stalls in our programs, and with that the opportunity to show and market their goods. Meanwhile, visitors to these stalls have the opportunity to understand about the product and buy them.

With organizations that were established after the 2015 earthquake, we work together and explain them how to sell their goods, where to market them and who their customers can be. Likewise, we are also helping them get new customers through this program.

What kinds of companies and products do you prioritize?

We give high priority to Nepali products. Because there are many products in our villages and urban areas that are not getting proper market in the city. Nepali youth have a lot of good ideas but they do not know how to execute them and manage the market. So, we give more priority to Nepali products.

How does your company help others handle legal processes and registration for those wanting to start a business?

We are doing a variety of training projects, telling people how to legally grow their company. The businesses we work with are all registered companies. I am also involved with Google Business Group (GBG) Kathmandu and, through that, we have been providing such training to the new entrepreneurs on subjects like company registration, in a span of 2-3 months. We also train them on how to make their products gain market in an easier fashion.

How did you work to solve the problems between people and products?

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There were many problems and I have thought about their solutions as well. But after I started organizing the programs, I came to understand that our programs give them the opportunity to show their products to everyone. And also that showing Nepali products in public boosts the producers’ confidence.

You have experience of helping so many people, how do you take your work?

I feel responsible towards the society. I want the Nepali products to go above in the market, and not just me. And I want to move forward by educating the producers on how to get proper market for their goods.

What are the upcoming plans for Open Space Network?

Our plans are to move all four of our programs forward. We have plans to  conduct programs in every corner of the country and market local goods. After a few years, we plan to take our Nepali products internationally, market them, and even organize events on international level, and continue working on them.

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