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Dear Society

A letter to society from a girl in her 20’s.
(Based on stories and incidents seen and heard)

Dear Society,

If a girl reaches home at 7 or 8 (or late) kindly stop questioning her character. She might have work or many other things to do. If a guy drops her home, please don’t link them. Apparently, all you need is a tiny reason to talk about — but spare her. The “guy” you link her with might just be a friend, colleague, senior or a brother.

Don’t judge her by the way she looks. A little too fat, a little too skinny, not pretty, not tall or too tall, or too much acne. Stop suggesting her to get married as soon as she reaches her 20’s. She has a life, aims and desire to be independent  — to do something on her own. Teach her to be self-sufficient and stand tall on her own; not treating her like a cripple who needs a crutch.

Don’t make her a parasite, incapable of surviving without someone else. See goodness in her and treat her as a whole. Even if you cannot motivate her or push her to strive forward, don’t hold her back or pull her behind. Make her feel like she can excel in all she does and her boundary doesn’t end at home or kitchen alone; she has the entire world to conquer, and the sky to reach. Let her study, and explore the world, because she can  — she has the potential. Judge her on the size of her intellect and not the size of her clothes.

Someday when you learn to see beyond all this and let go of the biases, things will be different. May change for good. Let a candle show its worth by illuminating the dark— do not question its brightness in daylight.

Yours sincerely,
A girl in her 20’s

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