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Settle down, woman!

Because your unsettled, frisky self is threatening my uninspired soul.

Because your lonely existence is giving me chills.

Because your relentless drive is sucking the air out of my lungs.

Because your fearless pursuit of “what you want” is unsettling my existence.

Because your unabashed opinion about everything is – wrong and I want you to shut up.

Because your unfazed determination is my concern, give up and there is still time for plan B.

Your refusal to settle is the bane of my existence because your plan B is my gospel.

You, woman! Gather your unhinged self and put it right back where it belongs.

Tame your hair and gather your weight and fit into the box.

Plan B – where you’ll end up eventually when the mad ambition becomes too much to bear and loneliness will kill your fire. Bruised, broken, alone and cold, you will try to settle, but it will be too late. You will be too old to have babies, too weak to work, too ugly to attract a husband. You won’t have money, because psst! You’re a woman.

You, woman! You think you deserve the best? Wait till you run out of options – even the bad ones.

Settle down, woman! Because You, yes, You. You aren’t Queen Victoria. Lose your arrogance and that confidence. Because all good men will be taken soon, and there is no such thing as being married to a career. Even if you make money, what will you do with it? Just get married and your husband will buy you a house.

What about children? You selfish, unconcerned, disgraced little thing. You give up everything right now, and start thinking about human existence. What happens if no one wants babies? If no one gets married? If no one settles and everyone becomes you?

Me. I am concerned about everything that could possibly exist – unborn babies and unwritten future of planet earth – except you.

Because you, unsettled woman, scare the bejesus out of me.



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