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Over the years and generations, people have celebrated Asar 15 with special gusto. You have been celebrating too. But what is the importance of Asar 15? Why celebrate it?

Monsoon is the season of rain for us and but it is a season of plantation for the farmers. Hence the season is very important. In Nepal, monsoon season begins from the month of Asar (June/July) where the sky gets overcast with dark, black clouds pouring down over the land.

Many farmers live in the rural Nepal where there is no proper irrigation system. Farmers sow the seeds and plant saplings for the harvest. And since centuries, when the first rainfall occurs, the farmers revel and get filled with hope of the harvest. Thus, all the farmers cheer and celebrate the successful plantation.

What do you do in Asar 15?

Ropai’ in Nepali means plantation. Farmers begin the plantation on this day and do it while singing and dancing. People gather and play in the muddy water and eat a special treat dahi chiura. It is a mixture of beaten rice and yogurt. All the farmers after a hard long day of plantation, eat dahi chiura  and, some even have special local/homemade liquor called chyang.

Why eat dahi chiura in Asar 15?

Asar 15 Dahi chiura

Photo: instazu

Dahi chiura is the complimentary dish of this day for everyone. Dahi chiura carries a great nutritional value as it helps to regenerate tired and worn out farmers.

And as farmers spend all day in dirt and mud, having dahi chiura increases one’s nutrition. It helps farmer against the germs that are found in the mud.

Yogurt is a light dairy product that improves your digestive system. It contains many live bacteria which helps in ones in digestion. It is also loaded with many essentials nutrients that helps farmers to keep on working as it is a pro-biotic food.

Moreover, it also reduces risk of high blood pressure, insuring good health of the farmers. Yogurt makes farmers’ skin healthy and cures any damage done by the Sun.

Chuira or beaten rice is a common staple food in Nepal, as it is light and easily digested. This typical Nepali food is low on calories. It consists of 75 % carbohydrate and contains about 23% fat. So, it provides us with healthy carbs, energy and helps to carry out the daily bodily functions. You doesn’t make you feel bloated and keeps you filled for a long time.

The dish looks relatively but it ensures farmers good luck for their plantation and good health for themselves. Even when we are about to start something new, we eat dahi chiura as for good luck.

People also add sugar and black sesame seeds for taste or as a delicacy.

Asar 15 importance

people celebrating asar 15 day in rasuwa

Photo: himalayastrek

Agriculture is still a major occupation of people in Nepal. Due to which, our economy still relies heavily on agriculture. Asar 15 is one of the most important monsoon festivals in Nepal. It is celebrated all over Nepal and many parties are thrown on this occasion.

Nepal Government, in efforts to encourage farmers for the plantation, announced this day as National Paddy Day few years ago. Today, the day is celebrated as ‘Ropai din’ or ‘Dhan diwas’ or ‘Dahi chura khane din’ all over the country.

To commemorate this day, even others have dahi chiura at their homes and offices. And not just the farmers, people can be seen gathering to play in the muddy waters. Over the few years, even tourists have been a part of the festival and celebration.

All of this combined, farmers get to begin their work in a fun way. It ensures that the farmers stay motivated and hopeful for the future harvest.

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