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Dear Writers and Influencers, This One’s for You

You, the one who makes art, tells stories, creates contents that people consume; all I want to do is offer a perspective; not to change your voice or alter one’s path or give someone advice on how to do what they do and say what they say, cause each of us is armed with a unique voice.

But, to be an influencer, I believe, is a responsibility; responsibility for the feelings one channels through, or the energy, if you will.

Most of the energy we convey is a bit self-centered; don’t get me wrong, I will be one of the last ones to judge cause I know we are humans, creatures built to survive, each of us raised psychologically in somewhat degree to always believe that the world revolves around us; our race wouldn’t have survived if we weren’t a bit self-centered; everything, to a healthy degree, is good. And I’m just as guilty as the next person on this; but, I’ve learned, to rise above one’s ego and such impulses is to truly be a ‘being’, to tap into our potential, higher consciousness if you will; and be a better version of ourselves.

Each one of us has a voice with what we can convey, and words have a power you see, to convey the energy that breathes. Ones who have a following of even a few people influenced by the words we write, the art one portrays, the information one channels; people are getting influenced by you, read and carry the energy we put through, some even look up to you. And me, I don’t know if I’m worth looking up to, for the things I’ve done and the things I do, a cluster of imperfection if split in two. And yes, no one is ever better or worse than any person as a whole; but people do, look up to you, watch and follow things we do.

Darling, most of our words are self-centered; even the way we love is self-centered, always about ourselves and what do the ones we love think about us. And I know; creating is about conveying messages, information, feelings, energy, that has to come from the core to stay real and mark one’s voice. All I’m trying to say is, the world is much much bigger than this. Our individual problems aren’t unreal, yes they hurt, yes we feel, and we write, but my darling, look around you, to put into perspective, with over seven billion of us, chances are, there are much bigger tragedies. Life’s not only about romantic love, there’s much more to it than this. One should use sadness, rage, hate and let them fuel us, but not carry them or make an identity out of it.

I know it doesn’t change our problem or fix anything or make our wounds hurt less, and I know conveying how someone truly feels is the only way one can last as being relatable; but, all I can offer to you, is this, how about we convey better energies, information, that the ones who care to read what we write can take away.

I mean, let alone look up to me or like or comment or message me, every time I get to know that someone even cares to read these scribbles, I am more than blown away, more than appreciative. And for me, don’t know where I’ll end up with words, but, as long as we have a voice, I believe we have a responsibility, not how it is perceived on the other end, but how it is flown towards it. Because we can only control our energy, not how it is perceived. And we aren’t perfect, nor will we ever be, but I hope each of us tries to be the better person whenever we can be.

‘With great power comes great responsibility’ 😉

Much Love <3

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