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Before writing anything, every writer tries to make the writing meaningful and make it more of what they feel about something they write or what they feel about the writing itself. I think that writing something which is not meaningful is not worth. It is a human nature to be attracted towards a beautiful writing and why to be inhuman by writing something which is not meaningful. I am not saying that writing something which is not interesting is crime or bad but if you can write something interesting then, why not? Right now, believe me, I am also trying to write and express my feeling in the best way that the reader and I myself appreciate what I write. I am trying to make it more meaningful by writing in a way that a human can understand how I feel.

If I wrote something like “I feel nuts because I don’t know what’s going on in the world.”, then, probably, one would guess how I am feeling by just going through the lines. But, it is not guaranteed that I feel that way about the world just because I wrote something like that. It may also mean that how I want the people to know about what I feel. Sometimes, I also write something funny thing while I write, just to make people be interested in it and just to make the writing more meaningful. Believe me, when I figured this out, I asked myself, why? I was going nuts to find out “why?”. Later on, I realized it’s just a human nature and why should I even worry about something which is a human behavior and why should I stop myself from writing something beautiful and meaningful thing. Also, writing such things would make a reader more interested in reading. So, why not? I would also love to read something that’s interesting and less boring. Anyway, what I am trying to say is, writing something does not always completely describe how a person really feels or maybe sometimes it does. But, I bet you that if a person writes something and explains something then you can definitely predict how the person would like to be known or how he/she would like the people to feel about his/her feelings. Maybe, you can also try to figure out how I would like the people to feel about me. Some people write cool stuff to make people see them as a cool person, some write sad stories, lonely stories and they all describe pretty much how a person would like to be known by people about his/her feelings. For example, the Facebook status itself. We can know how some person would want themselves to be seen. You can definitely tell that by looking at their status. Some update their status “I’m lonely” because they want the people to know how they feel and some people comment “it’s not my problem”. Now, the person who just commented on the status wants the people to know how he feels about the people who expresses his/her feelings in a Facebook page and he wants people to know he/she is cool because he/she doesn’t share his/her emotions in public. Likewise, there are many discuss, argues, talks people do in daily life in order to express their feelings.

In my articles, you will usually notice phrases like “believe me”, “why not?”, “anyway”, Why did I have to write those? Maybe, to make my writing more meaningful, interesting and realistic. We say or write the things that we are habitual of. Some people say “you know” like 100 times in a 2-minute speech. I do too, sometimes. It’s just how they want themselves to be known or maybe it’s just a habit. But, people pick up some habit immediately if they like it and want to be seen like that. I don’t really have a conclusion on this one because I don’t know, I couldn’t think more than this and I couldn’t make a conclusion. Maybe, there’s not a conclusion for this one at all. I just want to say a word before leaving. Don’t get confused or amazed after knowing this or maybe, you aren’t confused or amazed. But, anyway, if you are, then don’t worry. It’s a human nature and we are all programmed that way. Maybe, I am programmed to know something and write about it and expect appreciation from people but, sometimes I don’t and I worry but I remember that whatever I do is the human thing to do and I stop my drama or maybe, just carry on knowing I am human.

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