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What?? An invitation to join her? Seriously. Her? I was dazzled. A beautiful girl in the public park invites you to join her. Who wants to say no?


I nodded and seated some meters away from her mat. But I could not stop myself from ogling her. Big eyes, perfect lips, slender body, and magnificent smile. Earnestly I, in no time, made her the mother of my children in no time in my imagination. But damn it! Why the hell did the reality seem as stressful as the typical Nepali movie?


I wanted to make the first move. But I didn’t want to have a go with a full-steam ahead. So I checked my breath. I was not convinced. I checked again. Not bad but not great, though. I cursed myself for not brushing my teeth in a good manner earlier this morning. If only I didn’t expend my time on that stupid facebook status, I would have had a great breath here and a confidence to win her heart within a flick of hand. Why did Mark Zuckerberg create that stupid facebook? I waste my precious time there just to update the stupid imaginary romantic statuses with a motive to attract the girls of my age and get more ‘likes’ and ‘comments’.


‘And here is the wonderful girl I’ve ever seen and I don’t smell good. Great!’ I thought to myself, disappointed.


I was muddled. Should I initiate the conversation? Should I not? The only thing I was sure of was my condition. I was clean bowled by her charm.


‘Are you new to this town? I have never seen you before.’ I asked as if I knew every girl in the town. Nevertheless, I managed to start the conversation and I was proud of my guts.


She didn’t reply that soon. And she didn’t throw a look towards me either. My heart started to pound. I thought I was too hasty or I reckoned that was not the best way to start the conversation. Her facial expression was not great either. But she remained quiet. Was that the lull before the storm? I feared.


Breaking the silence, she managed to speak, ’yah! I am.’ She replied with a faint smile making me feel better.


‘I bet you have not visited this town then.’ I started to get better. ‘You know I’m free whole day’


She gave me a surprised look but she could not avert herself from stretching the corner of her lips. I felt heaven guessing what would come after. So I continued, ‘well then, we’ll meet outside the park at?’ I paused to make her say the time.


She remained soundless giving me a mini-heart attack. I waited for her reply eyeing every move of her. Her lump of hair slid down the head and tickled her front part of the neck. Subsequently, she moved it back hooking it behind the ears. She turned to me. Finally, I was relieved.


‘I hardly know you and this place. What makes you think I’ll happily go out with you for a lunch?’ She queried.


‘Oh! So you want to have lunch with me? Okay, that’s cool with me’, I smiled and waited the reaction.


‘Excuse me! When did I mention that?’ She quick fired.


‘Just now,’ I sounded cheeky. ‘I told you that I was free all day. I never told you the lunch stuff.’ (Well who would have missed this chance of showing how clever you are? Certainly not me)


She chuckled making me more lured to her.


‘Is that a yes?’ I raised my eyebrow.


‘Not that easy’, she managed to give another stroke to my heart.




‘First I should know my guide’s name,’ she winked at me. And that came straight as a bullet and pierced my heart.


‘How much will be the wage of the guide?’ I grinned. ‘Akash is an expensive guide, you know.’ I indirectly introduced myself. After the brief introduction of both of us, we departed with a vow to meet later at the day.


Arati and I agreed to meet outside the same park at 2 PM. And I was already at the place before half an hour. To my amazement, the same polluted Kathmandu seemed much beautiful than before. Well, that proves ‘beauty is feeling good.’


After departing with Arati earlier on, I took half an hour longer than usual to take a bath; I brushed twice and smiled thousand times by looking at the mirror. (One charming girl can rock you, there is no doubt). I had my breakfast real slow but still the clock seemed stuck. ‘Why does the time move slowly when you are going to meet a gorgeous girl?’ I thought and logged onto the facebook. Unlike other days, I ignored all the notifications and straightly went on to update the status.


‘I am impatient. Wanna live that moment real soon’, I posted. Within a moment, my best friend left a comment ‘Good Luck Pal’ as if he knew what I was craving for. I neglected his comment and signed off. After checking thrice in the mirror, I set the foot out of the home and I reached the Park half an hour earlier.


The first time I saw Arati, I thought that there was not a dog’s chance to go out with her. But how wrong was I. I actually was waiting for her to lunch together. Though I knew I had to wait for her till the cows come home, I was ecstatic to experience the sweet pain of waiting for someone very special. I was little nervous so I thought of chilling out by thinking her smile. I closed my eyes.
‘Hello Akash!’, A very sweet voice called my name. I turned around and my jaw became wide open. Arati looked super gorgeous in one shoulder light yellow dress. She wore attractive earpieces which kissed her neck. She had let her hair loose, absolutely untied unlike morning, letting them embrace her from back. And most importantly, she wore a smile. The smile so natural that outcasted all the make-up. She looked pretty.


‘Am I late?’ She asked raising her eyebrows.


‘Better late than never’, I grinned. ‘You look lovely, by the way.’


‘By the way, huh?’ She intentionally contracted her face.


‘Uh-huh’, I replied, in short, stopping myself very hard as I wanted to tell her how beautiful she looked. I just wanted to see her reaction.


‘You lie too bad’, she pinched me in my arm.


I beamed. I felt the sweet pain as that was the first contact that she made with my body. Well, not the exact kind of contact I’d yearned for but that was not too bad to start with. I’d love a hundred pinches than no contact at all.
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