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It doesn’t happen very often but there are times I wish I was taller. It will be an understatement if I said I was not tall. I am short. Like, just 5 feet tall-short. Although most of the times I am quite content with my height (I live in Sydney where there are people from all over the world, all sorts of people, which means, yes there are short people too; and before this I have lived my whole life in Kathmandu, Nepal, where the average height of Nepalese women is…well, not much). The only times I wish my legs were a tad longer is when I have to buy clothes like pants and skirts and they don’t fit on most occasions. But this post shall not revolve around the things that I lack in life, contrarily, it will express the gratitude I feel for the things I have.

I wish I was taller but I am thankful I am not a midget (no offense). I might be thin but I am not anorexic. I might have acnes and acne marks but I do not have serious skin diseases. My hair might be frizzy and dry but I got hair on my head. Sometimes I wonder how it must feel like to have been born in richer countries like America or Australia or the European ones, but then I am grateful I was not born in a war-torn country either. I have not travelled far and out but I have been to a considerable number of places given my resources and limitations. I do not speak fancy languages such as French or Italian (I wish I could and I will learn to) but I speak Nepalese (my national language), English, Magarantee and some Hindi. I am not widely loved and admired but I am appreciated by a handful of people and they encourage me with what I am doing without any pretence.

I read somewhere that to be successful, look at those that have it (better) than you but if you want to be happy, look at those that have it (worse) than you. Now, I know it seems like I am encouraging you to stay content with what you have and not strive for more (who the hell am I to influence what you feel and what you don’t feel) but sometimes, feeling content is all you can do to stop yourself from going crazy with what your life lacks. Indeed “we make a life out of what we have and not what we are missing.”

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