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I must express my sincere thanks for liking my previous Singha Durbar’s post. With really impressive views, I could not give second thought on not posting the second version from fourth to sixth episode of SinghaDurbar.
I was impressed enough to see other bloggers posting about it as well, and I was happy enough.
Under the investment of USAIDS, this episode seriously seems gaining public attention. Basically, I can feel youths are much more interested towards this serial. However, I actually feared if the craze and charm is in diminishing order as with increasing episodes.

Episode 4
In this episode, Asha Mother gets ill. It shows the situation of Subah, where Nepalese had gone legally as well as illegally.

Illegal Manpower
The situation of manpower, unemployment can be seen. Subah gets a terrorist attack, and the situation within the Ministry, the responsibility within them has been casted. Although huge fear, the situation comes to peaceful ending.
Youth Mobilization Plan
This episode also shows how youths can be mobilized, how employment can be generated and how effective employment opportunities can be created through Youth Policy.
Blogger’s Contribution
Role of blogger has been brought into huge lime light here, because he is the one who continuously blogged about fasting of those parents whose child was in Subah, and pressurized the Government for quickening the process.

Episode 5
Episode 5 begins with Mugu’s scene, where artificial scarcity is created in the market.
Strategic Move
In this episode, how connections and ties exists for one simple incident is shown. If, justice is to be done, the entire Ministry can fear to fall down. However, how effectively and strategically PM bargains the other supporting party for justice counts as major reason for good judgment to remove the involved Minister from Ministry.
Black Marketing and Support of Other Party
The hand of minister, in creating artificial scarcity, in Mugu has been shown. The scarcity has been presented where the supplies are locked within the room, creating burden within the people. In country like ours, where single party themselves don’t enjoy full Government, there has to be compromises and support from other parties as well. This has been beautifully shown.
Ultimate Benefit
No matter, what so ever be the political greed, or intention. The ultimate benefit has to be to the public people. In the bargaining process, PM has to build stadiums in different part of the country in order to give fair justice thereby. So, on building stadiums, employment opportunities will be generated, also the Sports will foster.

Episode 6
Episode 6 starts with definition of courage.
Critics Around
Sometimes, it happens to be important to deal with critics around. Despite not being intentional, one has to be aware of criticisms thereby. PM makes a bold decision not to allow her brother-in-law to reside in PM Residency, rather manages the hotel to stay. She has also been presented as not showing any biased effect upon her brother in law’s decision.
DB Pharmaceuticals was found inappropriate and not up to the quality. Despite this fact, PM’s brother-in-law was about to be awarded and granted the tender. However, after knowing this, Ishwor Singh, PM’s brother-in-law himself rejected the award, and postponed the date of tenure acceptance.
Motivation and R&D
This episode also concentrates on the importance of motivation aspect. Only when nearby people are motivated, they can work with their entire effort, else their working efficiency decreases. Apart, the importance of Research and Development has been highlighted, which should be an independent practice.

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